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Player of the Match

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and as expected Pakistan qualify for the 1999 World Cup final, a commanding performance. New Zealand get to hang around for the encore 4-Test match series a huge crowd has gathered in front of the pavilion. Stay tuned and we'll have a summary of the presentations being fully drowned out by the crowd noise Ravi Shastri is the MC, and don't the crowd just love him Fleming gets a healthy boo as well. "we had a reasonable competitive total... Shoaib very quick... we thought we may have got them with the lack of pace (!).... we exceeded expectation for a lot of people [in terms of the tournament, not the match]" Wasim: "reaching the final of the world cup is a great achievemnt...", he doesn't care who he plays in the final Richie Benaud chooses Shoaib as the Man of the Match, not for his economy I assume. A pretty surprising choice over Saeed Anwar. and then there were 3. Tomorrow is the second semi final, Australia v South Africa from Birmingham. As usual, 0945 GMT. Good night.

Astle to Saeed Anwar, 2 runs, edged in the air, Twose may get a catch at the long on, but no, the terrific fans, a credit to the human race, storm onto the field, Twose aborts going for the catch and instead seeks out some protection
Astle to Saeed Anwar, FOUR, slogged over the bowler's head, 2 to win
Astle to Saeed Anwar, no run,

47 | 1 Run | PAK: 236/1 (6 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.02, RRR: 2.00)

  • Ijaz Ahmed28 (21b)
  • Saeed Anwar107 (145b)
  • GI Allott9-0-41-0
Allott to Ijaz Ahmed, no run, another ripper of a ball, zips past the outside edge yet again, Allott may not get a chance to bowl another over
Allott to Ijaz Ahmed, no run, defending down the wicket, back to the bowler
Allott to Ijaz Ahmed, no run, moving away from the batsman and to the keeper