Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    13.3 and Porterfield has to go as he looked to get on with it, going after this slightly wide delivery on a flatter trajectory, which he ends up getting a bottom-edge to which Ramdin is able to get his fingers under and complete the take. Porterfield goes for 23 71/1
    27.5 and in the most nonchalant fashion, Stirling departs the Saxton after offering an outside edge to this one spinning across him, with Ramdin able to complete the take after it took the edge. Really has been a wonderful innings to set the platform for Ireland in this chase 177/2
    39.2 and the show must come to a close as Joyce's spirited 84 comes to an end after he holes out to deep cover in an attempt to find the boundary rope. Really has been a wonderful knock to add to the one earlier from the opener, Paul Stirling. The Saxton give him a resounding send-off as he raises the bat to acknowledge the cheers 273/3
    not out
    41.3 shortish length which invites Andy to have a go as he pulls this straight to deep midwicket, who takes it comfortably. What is key here, is the lack of celebration or acknowledgment on the behalf of the West Indies' players. They look quite demoralised out there 285/4
    43.5 and the pressure does the trick as West Indies snag a late one here, getting Wilson to spoon this fuller delivery straight to short mid-off 290/5
    44.1 steers this one past point towards the deep. Kevin chugs hard to try and get to the non-strikers when they return for the second, but he is well short of his ground. Doesn't even bother to wait for the umpire's call as he walks back to the pavilion. Ireland in a spot of bother here now as the innings heads towards its denouement 291/6
    not out
    13 (b 4, w 9)
    307/6 (45.5 Overs, RR: 6.69)
    Fall of wickets: 1-71 (WTS Porterfield, 13.3 ov), 2-177 (PR Stirling, 27.5 ov), 3-273 (EC Joyce, 39.2 ov), 4-285 (A Balbirnie, 41.3 ov), 5-290 (GC Wilson, 43.5 ov), 6-291 (KJ O'Brien, 44.1 ov)
    JO Holder9.014404.88335020
    KAJ Roach6.005208.66156210
    JE Taylor8.507138.032610210
    AD Russell6.003305.50172110
    CH Gayle8.004115.12203000
    DJG Sammy3.002508.3373100
    MN Samuels4.002516.25103000
    LMP Simmons1.0012012.0002000

Match Notes

  • Ireland 'no fear' approach pays off

    Ireland coach Phil Simmons has never seen his team play better and believes the aggressive mindset, which appeared to take the beleaguered opposition by surprise, will become their trademark

  • Ireland gatecrash the cartel

    Tim Wigmore suggests that Ireland's display in knocking over West Indies so comfortably was another example of their "relentless harassment of cricket's cosy cartel"

  • Clinical Ireland are giantkillers no longer

    The days when all Ireland victories are termed a shock have long gone. Their defeat of West Indies was their most clinical performance against a "major" nation

  • West Indies unravelling at alarming rate

    It is little surprise that a team which pulled out of a major bilateral tour only four months ago, and against India of all opposition, continues to be the subject of murmurings of further discontent

  • West Indies v Ireland - #BendTheRules Moments

    #BendTheRules moments from the Group B match between Ireland and West Indies played in Nelson on Monday.

Sterling Stirling


Runs scored by Stirling, the highest for an Ireland opener against a top-eight nation in World Cups

Ireland open up


The opening standing between Porterfield and Stirling, the highest for Ireland against a top-8 team in World Cups

Fast Finish


Runs scored by West Indies in the last 20 overs of the innings, the second most for them since 2001

Miserly McBrine


Runs conceded by Andy McBrine, the third-fewest by an Irish bowler against a Test nation

Playing a lot of catch up


Number of times since 2012 that West Indies have lost five or more wickets for 100 runs or less, the most for any team

Gayle's slow blow


Chris Gayle's strike rate during this innings (36 off 65 balls), his lowest against a non-Test nation (min. 50 balls)

A Young Venue


Number of ODIs played at the Saxton Oval, Nelson, two of those involving West Indies.

Gayle stops blowing


Chris Gayle's batting average since 2013, the worst for any top-order batsman (min. 20 innings)