1.3 well, the first blow has been struck for the Tassie boys, Jaques goes back and misses one that pitched on middle n leg and might've been missing off but the size of the shout and the enthusiasm for the wicket probably tipped it to LBW 5/1
    10.2 short and wide and Lambo has a slash that gets a bottom edge that Dan Marsh does pretty well to snaffle at first slip 36/3
    4.2 short outside off stump, just angling back in and keeping low and a cramped cut shot finds a bottom edge and the stumps and the end of EJM Cowan 13/2
    17 short and pulled at some speed but straight to Timmy Paine at square leg for his first meaningful contribution of the game. Nice innings from Kat-man but the hiding was to nowt 69/5
    12.1 nice outswinger that Thornely gets forward too but his feet don't follow and his dangling bat gets an inside edge that rattles the castle. 5-ball duck for Dom Thon, and the Blues are booking early flights 52/4
    30.1 Roh-roh tries a cut shot and Wild Wright captures three when a thin but audible top edge sees the Blues ever closer to blessed oblivion and the Tigers thinking of the Cascade Premium baths and the keys to the city and the love 115/8
    23 straight through the gate, maybe if we're being generous a bit of movement off the seam, but the gap was between bat and pad and he's on his way the keeper, six-down now the Blues, we'll be in the pub by Lunch 94/6
    26.3 swing and a snick by hauritz, he didn't even bother looking around just walked off after a fat edge goes into the Sean Clingeleffer buckets. just the genuine tail-enders now between Tassie and a mountain of Cascade Premium lager 104/7
    34.3 tail-enders decision for MJ Nicko, it was angling down leg but probably looked a bit out on first glance, was certainly a good shout as shouts tend to be, and the locals are one wicket from everlastin glory 148/9
    34.5 AND THERE IT IS, WILD WRIGHT GETS A FIVE-fer, he's got Doug Bolly plumb and the Tasmanian players, the fans, the kids, the mums and dads, the shop-keepers, the chemists, the miners, the candlestick makers, the whole island state is up! 149/10
    not out
    7 (b 2, lb 1, nb 4)
    149 all out (34.5 Overs, 153 minutes)
    BW Hilfenhaus11.042242.0000
    AR Griffith9.006216.8804
    LR Butterworth4.001904.7500
    DG Wright6.531351.9000
    DJ Marsh4.013007.5000
    Fall of wickets:1-5 (PA Jaques, 1.3 ov), 2-13 (EJM Cowan, 4.2 ov), 3-36 (GM Lambert, 10.2 ov), 4-52 (DJ Thornely, 12.1 ov), 5-69 (SM Katich, 16.6 ov), 6-94 (DLR Smith, 22.6 ov), 7-104 (NM Hauritz, 26.3 ov), 8-115 (BJ Rohrer, 30.1 ov), 9-148 (MJ Nicholson, 34.3 ov), 10-149 (DE Bollinger, 34.5 ov)

Close of Play

  • Mon, 19 Mar - day 1 - Tasmania 1st innings 283/7 (LR Butterworth 40*, DG Wright 57*, 90 ov)
  • Tue, 20 Mar - day 2 - New South Wales 1st innings 207/8 (GM Lambert 43*, DE Bollinger 3*, 70 ov)
  • Wed, 21 Mar - day 3 - Tasmania 2nd innings 203/6 (SG Clingeleffer 8*, LR Butterworth 22*, 82 ov)
  • Thu, 22 Mar - day 4 - New South Wales 2nd innings 3/0 (PA Jaques 3*, GM Lambert 0*, 1 ov)
  • Fri, 23 Mar - day 5 - New South Wales 2nd innings 149 (34.5 ov) - end of match

Match Notes