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Sixers hold nerve for two-run win

Brett Lee conceded 14 runs off the last over of the match but helped the Sydney Sixers win by two runs to mark the end of the Melbourne Renegades' final's aspirations

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Scorer: Kumar Chandan Dourah | Commentator: Thilak R Gowda

20 | 14 Runs | MR: 149/5 (3 runs required, RR: 7.45)

  • BJ Rohrer28 (20b)
  • PM Nevill4 (3b)
  • B Lee4-0-34-0
  • JR Hazlewood4-0-22-1

Well bowled Lee. Sixers won by 2 runs. Disappointment for Renegades as they fought hard through out the innings. Meanwhile in the chase, all top five got the start but no one seized on the opportunity. On the other hand Sixers bowled beautifully and well backed up by some serious ground fielding. Moises Henriques was the star of the show as he bagged a wicket and trashed 55 runs. Undoubtedly he has been named Man of the Match for his match winning contribution.

That's it from here. Do catch us for the next game. Till then take-care, cheers!!

Lee to Rohrer, SIX runs, fuller on the pads and hoicked over deep mid wicket fence. It was way too late as they fell short off two runs.

legitimate delivery should for Sixers

Lee to Rohrer, 2 runs, in-swinging yorker and digs to deep mid wicket for a couple.

Six or a four needed!

Lee to Nevill, 1 leg bye, full toss and struck on his thigh pad.
Lee to Nevill, 2 runs, on a fuller length, shuffled across and paddled fine for a couple. Brave shot!
Lee to Rohrer, 1 leg bye, hit that!! Full, straight, in the block hole. What more can you expect. Hits his boots on full as they jog for a single
Lee to Rohrer, 2 runs, fuller outside off stump, makes room and squeezed to deep covers for a couple more

17 need off last six !!

Melb Reneg 2nd innings Partnerships

1st36DJ HarrisMW Hill
2nd30AJ DoolanMW Hill
3rd25DJ BravoAJ Doolan
4th36DJ BravoBJ Rohrer
5th6BJ RohrerSF Mire
6th16PM NevillBJ Rohrer