Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    1.3 six and out! Lumb holes out to third man. McAndrew takes a sharp, running catch. Lumb targets the leg side but only skews it in the air off a leading edge. The debutant does well to snap it up 13/1
    4.4 ramped into the lap of third man. Lifting ball on middle, Cowan leans back and upper-cuts it to McKay, who hangs onto the catch even as he loses his balance. Russell hands Thunder the breakthrough 45/2
    12.3 Nicholls completes a good catch at long-on. Maddinson's blitz is over. Ahmed tosses this up, the batsman skips out and drags it. Instead of swinging it away cleanly. The new bat didn't bring him luck. "Disappointing to get out, the ball was there [to be hit]", says Maddinson. Things would have been a lot different had Ahmed caught Maddinson on his first ball at fine leg 118/4
    9.2 flighted on middle and leg from round the stumps, Haddin goes for a slog-sweep and the ball drops down into the hands of McKay at long leg 101/3
    15.4 Silk jumps outside leg, attempts another lofted hit off a quicker ball. Silk connected well but flat to Nicholls, again. The spinners are squeezing Sixers 148/7
    14.2 Dwarshius has run past a slider. The batsman steps out, this is darted outside off. Dwarshuis does not lay bat on it. Hartley takes the bails off 135/5
    14.5 looped up around off, invites the batsman to go for a big hit. Botha lofts it into the lap of Nicholls at long-off. Dolly catch 139/6
    not out
    16 Green roars, he takes his third wicket. Lyon out for a first-ball duck. Slides on, fizzes off the surface at 91ks. Lyon slogs across the line and misses. The stumps are rattled 149/8
    17.1 banged in short on middle, Bird pulls and holes out to Watson at long leg. Sixers are falling away 155/9
    17.3 McKay finishes it off! Well-disguised slower ball bouncer, that's too good for a No.11. Bollinger gets into an awkward tangle and pops a catch to short fine leg, running in 156/10
    3 (w 3)
    156 all out (17.3 Overs, RR: 8.91)
    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (MJ Lumb, 1.3 ov), 2-45 (EJM Cowan, 4.4 ov), 3-101 (BJ Haddin, 9.2 ov), 4-118 (NJ Maddinson, 12.3 ov), 5-135 (BJ Dwarshuis, 14.2 ov), 6-139 (J Botha, 14.5 ov), 7-148 (JC Silk, 15.4 ov), 8-149 (NM Lyon, 15.6 ov), 9-155 (JM Bird, 17.1 ov), 10-156 (DE Bollinger, 17.3 ov)
    AD Russell3.0031110.3300
    CJ McKay2.301636.4000
    N McAndrew2.0021010.5030
    SR Watson2.0022011.0000
    Fawad Ahmed4.003939.7500
    CJ Green4.002736.7500