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Melb Reneg 2nd innings Partnerships

1st35AJ FinchAD Hales
2nd28AJ FinchAJ Doolan
3rd1AJ FinchBJ Rohrer
4th46BJ RohrerTLW Cooper
5th21PM NevillBJ Rohrer
6th10PM NevillWD Sheridan
7th6NJ RimmingtonPM Nevill
8th3AW O'BrienNJ Rimmington
9th11AW O'BrienDJ Pattinson
10th7M MuralitharanAW O'Brien
  • Pomersbach's road from perdition

    A player whose raw talent is matched only by his naivety and indiscipline, Luke Pomersbach appears to have grabbed a lifeline in Queensland

  • Pomersbach powers Heat to final

    A powerful unbeaten century from Luke Pomersbach led Brisbane heat to the BBL final after downing the Melbourne Renegades by 15 runs in the first semi-final