20 | 3 Runs 2 Wkts | DC: 142/9 (16 runs required, RR: 7.10)

  • Amit Mishra8 (14b)
  • Zaheer Khan1 (1b)
  • Pawan Negi1-0-3-2
  • Shane Watson4-0-21-1

11.45pm This is the first team since 2015 that a team has defended less than 200 at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Daredevils have collapsed around Pant's fifty. Amit Mishra gobbled up 14 balls for his eight runs. All the other batsmen needed to do was to give Pant the strike. However, it was not to be.

Watson was brilliant in the slog overs - conceding only seven from his last two overs. Negi, bowling his first over of the season, then shut out his former franchise.

Zaheer: Eight out of ten times we would have got this total. We could not get the partnerships going. The wicket was very good for batting. It is just the beginning of the tournament. We just did not have partnerships. We were going at a good rate, Pant played well, and just needed support at the other end. Pant showed a lot of courage, he has undergone personal trauma, we are all with him. The wicket is a bit on the drier side, and that is one of the reasons 157 was gettable. We have a good balance of fast bowlers and spinners. We also have Jayant sitting on the sidelines.

Watson: It was a great win, to get that score Kedhar did really well. We stepped it up from the first game with the ball and in the field. Kedhar got the momentum going. My gut feeling went with Negi. Pant had not seen him all night. Negi did it against his old team. Chahal has done it for RCB for a long time, he has done it for India as well.

Jadhav, Man of the Match: At the age of 15, I was improvising. Once I got power, I started hitting big shots. I keep all the options open and just react to the ball. I look short but I work hard on my fitness in the gym. When two of your top players [Kohli and de Villiers] are not playing, you need to take responsibility. That is what I wanted to do today. Not just today, I want to do it for the rest of the season.

That is all we have for you from this match. Goodbye and good night. Ciao tomorrow

Negi to Mishra, 1 run, Mishra steps out, this is short on middle, hit to long-on
Negi to Khan, 1 run, 99ks length ball, swung away to wide long-on

Mishra-Pant partnership: Mishra - 6 runs, 12 balls (7 dots), Pant - 8 runs, 5 balls

Negi to Mishra, 1 run, short of a length on middle, slugged away to deep midwicket
Negi to Nadeem, OUT, This is a skier and Negi bolts back and takes it himself. Tossed up on middle, Nadeem looks to loft it away but only skews it in the air. Nagi runs back and settles under it near the mid-on region

S Nadeem c & b Negi 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Negi to Nadeem, no run, an appeal for a stumping, the TV umpire has been called in. He grounds his back leg. Vinod swipes the bails off but Nadeem is safe. Back of a length and outside off, Nadeem swings and does not connect

Dhaval : "Spare a moment for Pant who has put behind a life crisis and has given his best performance in an effort to win the game for his team. Tells a lot about the character of the young man. Remember Kohli and Sachin had done that in their early days. #Respect"

Negi to Pant, OUT, first-ball wicket. Negi hits the leg stump and the Chinnaswamy raises itself to a huuuuge roar. This is a seam-up fast ball, Pant shuffles across off and goes low for the sweep. Does not get bat onto it. Negi floors the leg stump with this quick fizzer, striking with his first ball of the season against his former team. Credit to Pant too for showing steel and resolve after a personal tragedy

RR Pant b Negi 57 (70m 36b 3x4 4x6) SR: 158.33

Who will bowl the last over. Binny? Abdulla? Negi? DD need 19. Negi to bowl it. This is his first over of the match, against his former franchise

19 | 2 Runs | DC: 139/7 (19 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.31, RRR: 19.00)

  • Amit Mishra6 (12b)
  • Rishabh Pant57 (35b)
  • Shane Watson4-0-21-1
  • Tymal Mills4-0-33-1
Watson to Mishra, no run, what is Mishra trying to do. He shuffles across off and does not connect with a scoop. Watson has conceded just seven from his last two overs

Pant now has a chat with Mishra

Watson to Mishra, no run, back of a length and outside off, Mishra swings wildly, he still can't connect
Watson to Mishra, no run, good length. Shortish and outside off, Mishra cuts and misses
Watson to Pant, 1 run, full and outside off, smacked down to long-on. Binny makes a superb diving save under pressure
Watson to Mishra, 1 run, Mishra gestures he had hit this with the bat. But no inside edge involved. Given as runs. Back of a length and angled in to hit the pad. The tracker shows it would hit middle. Not given
Watson to Mishra, no run, bounces over the stumps. Watson has his hands on his head. Back of a length, swishes and misses


18 | 11 Runs | DC: 137/7 (21 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.61, RRR: 10.50)

  • Rishabh Pant56 (34b)
  • Amit Mishra5 (7b)
  • Tymal Mills4-0-33-1
  • Shane Watson3-0-19-1
Mills to Pant, SIX runs, Pant shuffles across off stump, this is the slower short ball, Pant gets inside it and top-edges a pull over long leg
Mills to Mishra, 1 run, back of a length on middle, clipped away to deep square leg
Mills to Mishra, no run, 107ks slower ball from the back of the hand, Mishra almost caught the ball with the glove. He looks away, takes his eyes off the ball, looks to evade it, but the ball does not even arrive. When it does, Mishra waves his glove at the ball. Bizarre
Mills to Pant, 1 run, back-of-the-hand slower ball outside off, Pant slogs and toe-ends the ball towards long-on. Brings up a fine fifty
Mills to Mishra, 1 run, short ball homing in on the chest, fended into the middle of the pitch. They chance a single. Mills and Pant collide but the latter completes a single
Mills to Mishra, 2 runs, short of a length and outside off, Mishra arches his back and upper-cuts it in the air to the right of deep third man

Mills. Around the wicket

17 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | DC: 126/7 (32 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.41, RRR: 10.66)

  • Rishabh Pant49 (32b)
  • Amit Mishra1 (3b)
  • Shane Watson3-0-19-1
  • Tymal Mills3-0-22-1
Watson to Pant, no run, full and outside off, Pant swishes and misses. What a comeback from Watson. Just one run after the first-ball four
Watson to Mishra, 1 run, back of a length on middle, opens the face and guides it to deep point

Abhinav Dhar: "Rishabh Pant doing it calmly. Must open with Billings. "

Watson to Mishra, no run, back of a length and outside off, flashed straight to Gayle at point
Watson to Mishra, no run, back of a length on off, Mishra dabs straight to cover. Pant looks for a quick single and is sent back
Watson to Cummins, OUT, Dragged onto the leg stump. Back of a length and slanted in, Cummins looks to drive down the ground and plays it back onto the stumps

PJ Cummins b Watson 6 (11m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Watson to Cummins, FOUR runs, short fine leg is inside the circle and Watson errs full and down leg. Picked up and helped fine of that fielder

Daredevils need 37 off the last four overs. Pant last year: 11 runs in 4 innings when batting first, ave 2.75, SR 47.82. 2nd inns - 187 in 6 inns, ave 46.75, SR 144.96. Here is Watson

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