Player of the Match
Player of the Match


Virender Sehwag: We knew we had the batting line-up to chase the target, it was going to be a difficult chase but Warner was brilliant. I was trying to hit it over long-on but failed to read the spin. Warner took the opportunity well. I like to see the ball and hit it, for me it is simple cricket, does not matter whichever format it is.

Kumar Sangakkara: He not only hit it hard, but very well too, he took it away from us. It was a tough pitch for us, to change from the previous wicket to this one. You do get pumped up sometimes, you need to keep calm and not let too much adrenaline through, which may not help sometimes.

Dave Warner is the man of the match.

Warner: It is a great feeling, we are at the top of the points table and credit to the bowlers as well for the way they have bowled in this tournament. We knew that it was going to move around and we tried to take that away from them by going after the bowling very early. I have not lifted any weights in the gym for the last 12 months!

Delhi have gone back to the top of the points table, by winning with 20 balls to spare. They were chasing 188 for a win. Not 120. Bow to Warner and don't forget Ojha. The two were masterful in their chase, even given that the Chargers bowling was probably one of the poorest in the competition without either Dale Steyn or Rusty Theron. Why they went in with no overseas bowler in their line-up, we will probably never know!

Sudhindra to Ojha, SIX runs, finishes in style, punched that good length ball over the straight boundary for a six!
Sudhindra to Ojha, FOUR runs, short one and that has been hit over mid-off for a four, did not seem to get the middle of the bat but still goes over
Sudhindra to Ojha, no run, pushed to the leg side, to short mid-wicket
Sudhindra to Ojha, no run, shorter one, pulled away to short mid-wicket

A bit of a farcical Strategic Time-out here. But it gives my aching fingers a break too, so not too bad it is after all!