That is it then, from me, Suneer Chowdhary and on behalf of George Binoy and scorer Sanjay Murari, I sign off here. Will join you for the final game of the IPL this season on Sunday. It has been touted as a Sunil Narine versus the Super Kings but like Vijay showed today, it could just be anybody's evening! Cheers!

11.35 pm, Presentation

Sehwag: The way Vijay played, he took the game away from us, then they have a good batting line-up and it took it away. Yes, we missed Morne Morkel, unfortunately Pathan got injured and had to maintain the balance. It was a good pitch and you could score 180 was chaseable, but 40 more runs was going to be difficult to chase.

Dhoni: It was up to the individuals, Vijay and Hussey gave us a good start, good to see Raina hitting a few balls away and in the end it was closed off well by Bravo. Personally, I thought they had had line-up to do it but it was not going to be easy. Lot of positives, not expected us to end number one after the league, thanks to the owners for backing us, we will try and come back hard in the Champions League.

Murali, man of the match: First of all, I need to thanks Bharath Arun and Gurunath, the owner, without them wouldn't have been possible. I know the Chennai wicket and I decided to hit straighter. After six overs I thought the wicket was playing slower, decided one of us had bat through the end, I was lucky to come through. Happy to be a part of this unit and learning from them. Bravo's a good dancer, cannot match up to him!

11.30 pm Thanks George. Third successive playoff that has not gone the distance, in fact this is the worst defeat this season in terms of runs. And Prashant has this to say, "@Vinay, seriously? You still think CSK are lucky? If there's anyone who still thinks CSK have been lucky, they are just in denial."

Srini: "@Vinay, No guarantee Narine may be playing.. he could be mysteriously left out "

Vishal: "One man stands between CSK winning the IPL for the 3rd straight time - Sunil Narine!! What a final in prospect!!"

11.25 pm Super Kings have thrashed Delhi Daredevils. It started with the first ball, when Vijay carted Sunny Gupta to the long-off boundary, and never stopped. At no stage were Daredevils in the game. Maybe they were out of it even earlier, when Sehwag chose to bat and left Morne Morkel, the highest wicket-taker on the bench.

And how about those Super Kings. Sneaked into the final and then revved things up to dump Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils out of the tournament. R Ashwin said he was almost on holiday, while waiting for results to go Chennai's way at the end of the league stage. He said he had got into a holiday mood, and maybe that was a good thing, because the pressure was completely off.

Suneer will bring you the presentation ....

Ashwin to Aaron, OUT, Daredevils are all out! Dhoni runs towards the leg side to collect the ball after the batsman had stepped out of his crease and dabbed. He whipped around and hit the stumps at the striker's end direct, catching the batsman just short. The Super Kings have stormed into the finals.

VR Aaron run out (†Dhoni) 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Ashwin to Aaron, no run, defended on the front foot

The the proverbial motions are being gone through.

Ashwin to Yadav, OUT, Umesh drives on the front foot with a gap between bat and pad, Ashwin pitches outside off stump and spins the offbreak through that gap

UT Yadav b Ashwin 1 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Ashwin to Yadav, no run, Umesh tries to sweep but fails to connect
Ashwin to Yadav, no run, doesn't read the doosra and gets hit on the pad while trying to play on the leg side

Vinay: "Can't wait for Narine to end CSK's streak of luck in their own den."

16 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | DC: 136/8 (87 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 8.50, RRR: 21.75)

  • UT Yadav1 (1b)
  • P Negi8 (6b)
  • SB Jakati4-0-40-2
  • R Ashwin3-0-23-2
Jakati to Yadav, 1 run, driven off the back foot to long on for a single, Time-out time
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Daredevils 2nd innings Partnerships

1st17DPMD JayawardeneDA Warner
2nd5DPMD JayawardeneV Sehwag
3rd52DPMD JayawardeneLRPL Taylor
4th32DPMD JayawardeneAD Russell
5th11DPMD JayawardeneNV Ojha
6th10DPMD JayawardeneY Venugopal Rao
7th0Y Venugopal RaoP Negi
8th8Sunny GuptaP Negi
9th1UT YadavP Negi
10th0VR AaronP Negi