Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Huge relief for the Pune Warriors. They had begun so well last season, winning three out of four, and then barely won a game for the rest of the season. They started this year with a couple of defeats, prompting a re-jig at the top of the order. It paid off, and how. Uthappa and Finch killed off this chase in the Powerplay.

Robin Uthappa: "We really needed this. We have worked hard as a team. Donald has helped everybody keep calm, deal with the pressure. I think we have got a hang of this wicket now, it is a young wicket, it is still settling in, it will take time to become a flat Twenty20 wicket. I was pleased to get the team off to a good start, we have been a bit apprehensive with our approach, probably because of the losses before."

Here's the latest points table.

Piyush: "Lots of you might find it weird, but according to me MOM should be Rahul Sharma, he brought the run rate in check when Rahane and Dravid were scoring easily."

Jey: "I'll probably give the MoM to Yuvi for 3 reasons. 1. 2/27 2. 28 of 23 3. Fantasy captain. Ting. sorry. still thinks he is a part of kings xi"

Presentation ceremony:
Rahul Dravid: "We just kept losing wicket, just when we thought we could accelerate, we lost Rahane, we lost Binny, I got out myself. Maybe 15 runs more, but the way they batted, even that might not have been enough. We have seen Finch before, we discussed him. They have plenty of power-hitters in the team, and if they come off... We need to look to keep improving, look to forget this match and kick on."

Angelo Mathews: "We needed that badly, to be honest. We were pretty good in the field, the approach has totally changed in the batting. We backed Finch and he did a brilliant job, we were a bit cautious before."

Man of the Match is Aaron Finch: "It was nice, we knew we had to get off to a good start, the wicket gets a bit slower and lower as the ball gets older. Credit goes to Uthappa, 32 off 16 really set us up. Today was our day, it was nice to get away with it. I thought our bowlers did a great job to restrict them after that partnership between Rahul and Rahane."

13 matches down this season, and not enough close games. Perhaps tomorrow will be a tighter contest when Delhi take on Sunrisers. Thanks for all the cat jokes today. Seeya tomorrow.

Sreesanth to Yuvraj Singh, SIX runs, Yuvraj hits it out of the park and the 11-match losing streak is over, it was on the pads and that is effortlessly deposited into the crowd beyond midwicket
Sreesanth to Yuvraj Singh, no run, full ball is squeezed out to the off side
Sreesanth to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR runs, cracking hit from Yuvraj, Shastri says, 'when he hits them, they stay hit,', it was a booming lofted straight drive from Yuvraj, four to go now
Sreesanth to Yuvraj Singh, no run, length ball on middle stump, defended down the track

18 | 7 Runs | PWI: 138/3 (8 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.66, RRR: 4.00)

  • Yuvraj Singh18 (19b)
  • AD Mathews1 (1b)
  • KK Cooper4-0-26-0
  • JP Faulkner4-0-17-2
Cooper to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, length ball outside off, a regal drive sends the ball towards sweeper cover

MJain: "match-winning innings .... its not done yet ... Sreesanth gonna take hat-trick in the next over"

Cooper to Mathews, 1 run, pitched up again, eased towards mid-on for one more
Cooper to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, full again from Cooper, dug out towards long-off for a single
Cooper to Yuvraj Singh, no run, full ball on middle, driven towards extra cover
Cooper to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR runs, length ball on the pads, 133.4kph, easy put away, glanced down to fine leg for four

Punit: "Andrew, you can't expect every player to be a match-winner"

Cooper to Yuvraj Singh, no run, full and wide, Yuvraj looks to guide towards third man and misses

17 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | PWI: 131/3 (15 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.70, RRR: 5.00)

  • Yuvraj Singh12 (14b)
  • JP Faulkner4-0-17-2
  • SK Trivedi4-0-31-0
Faulkner to Finch, OUT, Faulkner gets his wicket, a full ball uproots the middle stump, and ends a match-winning innings from Finch

AJ Finch b Faulkner 64 (71m 53b 6x4 3x6) SR: 120.75

ranjan: "sreesanth to bowl 2 more overs. A sadist's delight!"

Faulkner to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, full ball on the pads, drops it to the left of the bowler for a single

Vatsala Goyal: "If I were Dravid I would instruct my players to spend the entire strategic time out forming a circle around Finch and staring him down. Scaring him into wanting to get out seems to be RR's only hope of victory"

Faulkner to Finch, 1 run, eased towards mid-on for a single
Faulkner to Finch, no run, low full toss outside off, punched towards deep extra cover
Faulkner to Finch, no run, short of a length, defended off the back foot
Faulkner to Finch, 1 wide, down the leg side, tried to flick it to fine leg but he missed out

Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st58RV UthappaAJ Finch
2nd46AJ FinchLRPL Taylor
3rd27Yuvraj SinghAJ Finch
4th17Yuvraj SinghAD Mathews