17 | 13 Runs | DD: 165/1 | RR: 9.70

  • V Sehwag95 (57b)
  • DA Warner7 (5b)
  • JJ Bumrah3-0-38-0
  • SL Malinga4-0-26-1

Aniket: "Finally Warner wins first match in india in last 3 months."

Abhishek: "the penultimate ball from bumrah summed up MI's bowling performance today.."

Amit : "I watched Cinderella men yesterday...with Sehwag's innings today it feels like I am watching the movie twice. Hope veeru can keep it going!!"

Delhi Daredevils coach Eric Simons: "More than touch of relief, we have kept believing. When you have lost six in a row, you have to do something, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. We have three great opening batsmen, we tried a different combination today. When we were bowling the pitch was slow, we thought the chase would be tough (but the pitch got better later in the match)."

Tim: "To Lloyd: Franklin might be a better proposition than Ponting but you can't fault their batsmen putting 161 on the board. As for the bowling, when the likes of Sehwag or Gayle get going like that you will get blown away whoever is holding the ball."

Samiuddin Khaja: "seriously?? pitch got better later in the match? Pls give the credit where it is due" Before outraging, please realise it is the winning team's coach who said it.

Post-match ceremony

Ricky Ponting: "I'm not sure (what happened there). I thought 161 was going to be a competitive total. Our lines and lengths were way off. They had the momentum in the first six overs.. Sehwag and Mahela were outstanding today, they were too good today for us. The ball didn't swing, it hasn't swung all tournament at this venue, that is why we left out Mitch Johnson. You cna't argue with the balance, but the execution was way off."

Mahela Jayawardene: "I was smiling in the last two games as well when I came to speak to you. The guys have shown plenty of character, Viru batted really well, it was good to watch from the non-striker's end. We still can improve. 161 was a good score, we needed a good start, we needed to set up a platform."

Man of the Match is Virender Sehwag: "You could say the wind favoured Delhi today. We were focused on training hard, on our fitness. When I'm batting well, I try to control the match. Viv Richards also spoke about bluffing, he said even if a batsman feels scared inside he should show that he is confident." Sehwag's quotes have been translated from Hindi, which isn't my strongest language.

Sidharth Monga has a spiffing match report ready. Once you are done with that, hop over to Kings XI Punjab v Pune Warriors, who are being captained by - wait for it - Aaron Finch. Head here now.

Bumrah to Sehwag, FOUR runs, it's over, Delhi snap their losing streak, Sehwag finishes it off in style, a swipe to the square leg boundary consigns Mumbai to their second consecutive defeat, both massive ones as well, and Warner after many months finishes on the winning side, he lost all four Tests against India, six IPL matches and at least one T20 against Sri Lanka
Bumrah to Sehwag, 1 no ball, a height no-ball that one, that was a loopy full toss outside off, scores level
Bumrah to Warner, 1 run, length ball is placed towards midwicket, there could have been two runs if they sprinted, Sehwag was happy with ambling through for a single
Bumrah to Warner, FOUR runs, full and on the pads, easy put away this, glanced down to fine leg for four

Here's a sentence no one ever expected to read. Lloyd: "Time to drop Passenger Ponting and bring in Fighter Franklin; Mumbai need both his batting and his bowling."

Bumrah to Warner, 1 wide, full and wide outside off, WArner reaches out but can't reach it, wide ball
Bumrah to Warner, no run, looks to hammer that one out of the park, pitched outside leg and struck the pad