20 | 14 Runs 2 Wkts | DD: 164/7 (8 runs required, RR: 8.20)

  • CM Gautam12 (8b)
  • PP Chawla4-0-44-2
  • Azhar Mahmood4-0-40-0

That's that, Punjab keep their hopes alive by a slender margin yet again. I haven't done the mathematics about the net run-rate but I am sure they would have preferred a better win than only by seven runs, especially with net run-rate being their only way to go through if the results go their way.

Good bowling by Praveen and Sandeep tonight, but some strange batting tactics around the batting order and quite a slow start from Mahela Jayawardene.


Neeraj Sharma: "I don't know about you Praveen but Suneer is one person who always know who's gonna out and always publish a comment which praise a good playing batsmen just before he gets OUT....."

Madan Jalari: "Morne has some untapped batting skills..after all he shares genes with Albie morkel" The last I heard he was looking to emulate Matthew Hayden with the bat.

Kevin: "Cricket fan@ An interesting thing on the points table, both PWI & DD are with same points 6 out of their 15 games... NOW a decider on May 19, 2013 between Warriors v Daredevils at Pune ..... That's going to be interesting to watch that who wants to finish the TOP (of-course from BOTTOM)"

senthil: "Match update - DD top order's Cowan job cost them the match by losing by a mere 7 runs." Cowan job is just right.


Presentation quotes

Jayawardene: The wicket did a bit and their bowlers did well. That's the season for us, very close but not close enough. Needed to settle in, they bowled good areas, we lost wickets, Ben batted well but wasn't good enough. We wanted to change a few things, up front was going to be tough so changed them. Need to reduce our mistakes.

Gilchrist: Slight chance yep, watch with interest what happens next couple of days. There's no better place to play cricket in the world than this, it's a beautiful place here. Miller's come off age this season, the world now knows his value. Not surprised with Sandeep's success, he's aggressive and you want to keep an eye on it.

David Miller is the man of the match: Enjoyed hitting the straighter six more than the others. It's a small ground here and if you can hit hard enough, the mis-hits can go for a six too. In nets, try and practice as close as possible to the game situation.


So that brings us to the end of the game, one that was the 67th of the tournament. Five more for the league stage to get done, nine for the tournament. I will be back tomorrow again, hoping for a much more contest between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals. Hyderabad need the win to survive, Royals need the win to try and finish in the top two. But till then, that's it from me, Suneer, signing off, have a very good night!

Chawla to Morkel, OUT, top-edged and caught at long-on, that's gone straight to the fielder, who takes a simple catch to find off the game

M Morkel c Miller b Chawla 13 (3m 4b 0x4 2x6) SR: 325.00

sudhar: "@suneer, what have you done? why did u publish praveen's comment..." That's the first one I have got in a while asking me why have I published a comment. Usually it's the other way around.

Chawla to Morkel, SIX runs, and another six! Morne has read that quicker one well and spanked it over long-on for a six!
Chawla to Gautam, 1 run, slogged away but it's straight to mid-wicket for a single
Chawla to Morkel, 1 run, quicker one outside the off stump, shorter and tapped down to long-off for a single
Chawla to Morkel, SIX runs, shot, six first ball for Morne! that was a slower one, tossed up to the bat and he's been hit straight over the bowler
Chawla to Rohrer, OUT, faster one, shorter too, 117 km/hr, smacks the stumps while looking to slog it away, he could have read that one, just does not time the shot too well and that's the end of that

BJ Rohrer b Chawla 49 (43m 29b 4x4 3x6) SR: 168.96

Chawla to bowl

19 | 19 Runs | DD: 150/5 (22 runs required, RR: 7.89, RRR: 22.00)

  • BJ Rohrer49 (28b)
  • CM Gautam11 (7b)
  • Azhar Mahmood4-0-40-0
  • P Kumar4-0-19-1
Azhar Mahmood to Rohrer, 1 run, tries to slog it away and gets an inside edge on to the pads, runs away for a single

Praveen: "Suneer, You did not publish atleast 10 of my comments about Ben Rohrer in the last match. Look at what he is doing today. He can turn things down. Just wait and watch." That's sinful on my part. But that's probably why he's going all guns.

Azhar Mahmood to Rohrer, FOUR runs, and four more! wow, full-toss outside the off stump, and the fielder is up inside the circle, gets the gap and gets four!
Azhar Mahmood to Gautam, 1 run, was looking to walk towards outside the off stump but he was followed and only opens the bat through to third-man
Azhar Mahmood to Rohrer, 1 run, round the stumps now and he's slogged it again but this goes on the bounce to deep mid-wicket
Azhar Mahmood to Rohrer, SIX runs, and again, that's gone for six more! it also means that the bats broken too, length ball, not too much and it's been thumped over deep mid-wicket to make it two in two!

US pharmacist: "MJ for Mango Juice, we tell patients to take medicines with OJ or MJ, orange juice or mango juice"

Azhar Mahmood to Rohrer, SIX runs, fuller outside the off and that's been deposited over long-on for a six! the lack of speed allows him to swing through the line

41 from 2. Mahmood with the ball.

18 | 9 Runs | DD: 131/5 (41 runs required, RR: 7.27, RRR: 20.50)

  • BJ Rohrer31 (23b)
  • CM Gautam10 (6b)
  • P Kumar4-0-19-1
  • Sandeep Sharma4-1-23-3
Kumar to Rohrer, 1 run, fuller on the leg stump line, he wants to play it through the covers but gets it straight to the extra-cover fielder
Kumar to Gautam, 1 run, full-toss on his pads and flicks it away to the leg side for a single
Kumar to Gautam, FOUR runs, up and over and to the fence for a four, it was a shorter one and not too quick too, so could adjust to the stroke after looking to go under it, upper cuts over the keeper
Kumar to Rohrer, 1 run, advances down the track and can only push it down to long-on for a single BR wanted a second but Gautam says no, slow running that from him
Kumar to Gautam, 1 run, edged through to third-man for a single this time
Kumar to Rohrer, 1 run, was looking to come down the track, can only push it to extra-cover where Mandeep fields and wants to have a shy but someone in the field asks him to hold on it

17 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | DD: 122/5 (50 runs required, RR: 7.17, RRR: 16.66)

  • CM Gautam4 (3b)
  • BJ Rohrer28 (20b)
  • Sandeep Sharma4-1-23-3
  • Azhar Mahmood3-0-21-0
Sandeep Sharma to Gautam, FOUR runs, up and over the short fine-leg fielder, he was looking to repeat what MJ did earlier, only this time he gets it finer and easily beats the fielder
Sandeep Sharma to Gautam, no run, short of length again, and tapped to the off side, straight to the fielder
Sandeep Sharma to Gautam, no run, short of length and wanted to drive it away, gets an inside edge

Daredevils 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11DPMD JayawardeneUBT Chand
2nd1DPMD JayawardeneIK Pathan
3rd0DPMD JayawardeneDA Warner
4th49DPMD JayawardeneV Sehwag
5th50DPMD JayawardeneBJ Rohrer
6th39BJ RohrerCM Gautam
7th14M MorkelCM Gautam