Siva: "i am really feeling pity for you Devashish.. M Henriques went for 18 an over and in batting picking up negative points with strike rate :(" -- How does the point system work? I checked it, but it hasn't updated.. Anyway, time to move over to the next match. This is Devashish Fuloria signing off from here, i will be with you on the chatterbox for the next game. Let's go guys.. This party is over

Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match (?? ): "The guys can be really proud of the way we played today. After the last game, I told the guys not to lose their head, it was a good game. There was a calm energy in the dressing room after this. Last year was tough for me in the IPL, but this year, I am not putting any expectation on myself. 160 odd was a good effort by our bowlers and it was a par score and I am glad that we chased it down. We would just concentrate on our game. "

Sangakkara: "Virat was the difference between the two sides. We were maybe a bit too slow in the first 10 overs, but then other batsmen caught up with the rate. White and Perera paced their innings really well and got us to a strong position. It hurts to lose, but we need to regroup quickly." Mayank Agarwal gets the innovative thinker award.. (weird)

Oh how quickly has this game finished and I thought 45 off 30 could have been tricky and they finished with still 14 balls left. What an innings by Kohli there, he really lit it up with some exciting hitting! He has the orange cap. He says it's a "sweet feeling" to get his hands on that high-vis hat. While most had their eyes on Gayle, AB, Steyn, Kohli pulls the spotlight on to himself. Stick around as we will have quotes from the presentation. I wonder who is going to be the Man of the Match.. Such a tight call this.. Where is ACP now? Looks like everyone has left already for the next game..

Kalyan: "A tight call to choose MoM??? You guys will beat CID team in some time" --- That is the idea Kalyan..

Tuhinanshu: "That was on the cards.Sunrisers bowling too dependent on Styen and Mishra was offbeat today.....Though that was some incredible batting by Kohli..RCB won"

Sarath: "@Tuhinanshu, I may not agree with you! I give credit to Kohli for his ruthless batting which demoralized opponents and de-credit to Sanga for not-so-great bowling changes. Vihari opening the game, mis-use of Steyn etc.,"

cruel_stats: "From the 10th over, the first or the second ball of each over had been hit for boundaries barring the 2 overs bowled by Steyn in between. And all those boundaries hav come off Kohli's bat!"

Dev: "I saw this coming. If you see all the previous IPL stats for Hyderabad, if the bowling unit performs, then batting fails and vice-versa."

sumit: "I am the most stupid guy :( I replaced kohli with Agarwal this morning."

Manank: "@Devashish Is this the time to get my comment published?" -- Yeah, perfect time as no one is watching :)

sreevathsav: "not as yet @manank i am still here to read post match presentation talk"

Sharma to Kohli, FOUR runs, bowls a yorker outside off, which Kohli squeezes through extra cover.. Gets a hug from Ishant for that..
Sharma to Kohli, no run, really goes after this full delivery outside off, makes no contact and gets beaten.. Ishant has a word with the batsman..

hamaad: "This is what u call 'not taking the game to the last over'"

Sharma to Kohli, no run, bowls a good fast yorker outside off, the batsman misses

the crowd wants a six now..

Sharma to Kohli, FOUR runs, he bowls a high full toss in his attempt to bowl a yorker, Kohli whips it fine on the leg side...

17 | 16 Runs | RCB: 154/3 (8 runs required from 14 balls, RR: 9.05, RRR: 2.66)

  • MC Henriques7 (9b)
  • V Kohli85 (43b)
  • NLTC Perera3-0-35-1
  • A Mishra4-0-42-0

yasir: "this kohli madness reminds me of THAT madness of his back in 2011 vs srilanka in australia"

Perera to Henriques, no run, fuller and wider outside off, the batsman throws his bat at that, but makes no contact
Perera to Kohli, 1 run, length delivery, he takes a swing, but hits the toe-end and it goes to long-on on the bounce
Perera to Kohli, FOUR runs, full delivery wide outside off, he just opens the face and slices it to deep backward point using the pace of the bowler, Mishra at third-man was only a few meters away..
Perera to Kohli, 1 wide, attempts a slower delivery, but this one goes down the leg side..
Perera to Kohli, 2 runs, falls down at deep backward point after it took a big edge! Mishra was too slow from third man, he had a chance as the ball stayed in the air for a long long time.
Perera to Kohli, FOUR runs, big edge, it goes flying past the outstretched hands of Parthiv Patel.. It was a quicker delivery and he was going over cover, got a thick edge on that

RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st39CH GayleMA Agarwal
2nd8CH GayleV Kohli
3rd49AB de VilliersV Kohli
4th66MC HenriquesV Kohli