Player of the Match
Player of the Match

At the end of the day, this is a thrashing. The Super Kings have been beaten comprehensively. Rajasthan have won all their home games. 93 off just 45, that partnership, an all-out attack against the Chennai bowlers. Royals have climbed to No.2 in the points table. Devashish Fuloria's report should be ready in some time. Just superb hitting from both Watson and Binny. The Rajasthan players are doing a lap of the ground to thank their home fans, they've won each game here and have been very well supported. We'll get you presentation details in a bit. Watson threw his cap towards the fans in the stands.

Gautam: "Note to Inverarity and Co: Hire Dravid and make him the non playing captain of the Aussie team. Remove Clarke from Captaincy. No homework-gate, and you will see a firing Watson. Bat him at the top, I say!"

Harsh: "Dwyane Bravo now shares the purple cap with his Windies team mate...but look at the difference in their economy rate.! Massive.!"

Dhoni: "We bowled well in the first 10-11 overs. Watson batted really well. We were not able to capitalise on the good starting our batting. In the positives, our middle and lower middle order got a chance to bat. I was worried about the spinners, once they went after Ashwin I thought let's bowl the fast bowlers. There were a couple of overs of fast bowling where they didn't bowl well. It was a lovely track, we should have scored more runs. We didn't get enough."

Dravid: "It was a wicket where we had to back-end our batting. They had a couple of spinners we knew we wanted to target. I would have liked a few more runs in the first 10 overs. It was an amazing spell of four or five overs, it's only someone like Watto who can do that. It's a fantastic cricket wicket, there's something in it for the bowlers and good for the batsmen as well. 20 points, we've got a couple of games on the road now. It's been great to play and win eight here in Jaipur. The support, every game here has been played in front of a packed house. It's one of the memories I'll cherish."

Watson is Man of the Match, he's still got his pads on: "It was a bit of a slow start, I started to take a few risks and it came off for me. Mishits were falling into gaps. We knew 140 was going to be a decent chase, we just needed one big partnership, Binny got it going in the Ashwin over. We were waiting for one opportunity to get one big over. It seemed like spin was a bit easier to play than faster bowling."

That's all we have from here. Thanks for tuning in and sending us your feedback. Just the one game tomorrow so be sure to catch that. Until then, it's goodbye. Cheers.

Jadeja to Binny, SIX runs, Binny finishes it off in style, comes down the track and lofts that beautifully over the extra cover boundary

17 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | RR: 138/5 (4 runs required from 17 balls, RR: 8.11, RRR: 1.33)

  • BJ Hodge0 (1b)
  • STR Binny35 (22b)
  • DJ Bravo3-0-35-1
  • RA Jadeja1-0-3-0
Bravo to Hodge, no run, bowled on a good length, drives it towards long-off, no run on offer there

Bravo is excited but the match has been lost. Excellent stuff from Watson

Bravo to Watson, OUT, yorker, a superb yorker that gets rid of him, Watson tries to drive him through the on side, Watson misses and the leg stump is knocked back

SR Watson b Bravo 70 (56m 34b 6x4 6x6) SR: 205.88

Bravo to Watson, no run,

Royals 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14R DravidAM Rahane
2nd4R DravidJP Faulkner
3rd1R DravidSV Samson
4th26R DravidSR Watson
5th93SR WatsonSTR Binny
6th6BJ HodgeSTR Binny