Siva: "Nice to see once dangerous Indian chaps Sehwag and Yuvraj turned out to be the leading scores for their teams."

Virat Kohli: "When you lose momentum in this format, it is difficult to come back. In these two matches, we have tried different things, they haven't come off. I've told Chahal and Aaron to keep attacking all the time."

Rishi Dhawan: "We have a good team, the confidence is high. The wicket was helpful today, Sandeep Sharma gave us a good start today, I focussed on the basics. My confidence increases by playing with seniors like Sehwag, I'm learning several things from it."

Abhi: "I agree with some suggestions here. Though KXIP is on a great winning streak, its time for them to try out their bench strength. This will keep the squad up, in case of any later injury in their playing XI. I am sure this will not be perceived as pressing the panic button, but a sensible decision of testing the team strength."

Presentation ceremony:

Chris Gayle is brilliant, he wins an award for most sixes, and from a line-up of people waiting to hand out prizes, he goes to the closest person and tries to take a trophy. Smiles all around as Gayle realises that's the Man of the Match award.

George Bailey: "Confidence is a really big thing, we are working well as a unit. Low totals can be tricky, but Viru in the middle you know you'll get the boundaries."

The Man of the Match is Sandeep Sharma: "I'm feeling lucky that I'm winning back-t-oback Man of the Match awards, I'm feeling awesome. I've seen Gayle playiing many times, hitting many other bowlers, it was an awesome moment (to get him bowled)."

Thanks everyone for joining in today, on behalf of Karthik Krishnaswamy and the rest of the Cricinfo gang, this is Siddarth Ravindran signing out. G'night!

Aaron to Dhawan, FOUR runs, five in five for Kings XI, they complete a perfect UAE leg, Dhawan hammers the shortish ball to the wide long-on boundary, Vijay Mallya is deflated, Bailey and Dhawan are overjoyed, Kings XI have now won eight in a row starting from last season, the longest streak in the IPL
Aaron to Bailey, (no ball) 1 run, high full toss, too high, Bailey guides it down towards third man for a single

Juvenal: "I think Punjab should bring Mandeep Singh for Saha & Gurkeerat Singh for Pujara...Mandeep can open the batting with Sehwag & Gurkeerat Singh at one down will make a formidable batting order.... "

Aaron to Dhawan, 1 run, length ball on off stump, thumped towards long-on for a single, four more to go
Aaron to Dhawan, no run, Dhawan looking to smear that through the leg side, connects well, but Gayle dives to his left to cut that off
Aaron to Bailey, 1 run, full ball outside off, searching for the yorker, jammed towards the off side
Aaron to Bailey, FOUR runs, starts with a really poor delivery, angling it down the leg side, fine leg in the ring, easy for Bailey to help along for four

18 | 5 Runs | KXIP: 115/5 (10 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.38, RRR: 5.00)

  • Rishi Dhawan18 (19b)
  • George Bailey10 (13b)
  • Ashok Dinda3-0-19-1
  • Yuvraj Singh2-0-13-0

Peeyush: "Smart Cricket. Rather getting carried away by the glory of 20-20 cricket's bashing game they are just keeping the scorecard ticking. Brilliant."

Varun Aaron is back on the field, and is set to bowl now.

Dinda to Dhawan, no run, length ball on off stump, pushed back towards the bowler
Dinda to Bailey, 1 run, pitched up and outside off, driven towards long-off for one more, Kings XI playing this like it is the middle overs of an ODI
Dinda to Dhawan, 1 run, slower bouncer this time, pulled towards deep square for one more
Dinda to Bailey, 1 run, another single, pushed towards long-on
Dinda to Dhawan, 1 run, slower, full ball on the pads, 101kph, driven towards long-on for one more, Kings XI know they don't need to do anything fancy here, and they aren't
Dinda to Bailey, 1 run, short of length ball outside off, driven in front of point for a single

17 | 5 Runs | KXIP: 110/5 (15 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.47, RRR: 5.00)

  • George Bailey7 (10b)
  • Rishi Dhawan16 (16b)
  • Yuvraj Singh2-0-13-0
  • Mitchell Starc4-0-15-0
Yuvraj Singh to Bailey, 1 run, length ball outside off, driven towards long-off for a single, sensible cricket from Kings XI here
Yuvraj Singh to Dhawan, 1 run, full ball on the pads, clipped towards square leg
Yuvraj Singh to Bailey, 1 run, driven towards long-off for a single
Yuvraj Singh to Bailey, no run, chopped towards backward point

Karthik: "Ridiculous for Bailey to come in at 6. Completely wasted. And they retained Manan Vohra to warm the bench? Mandeep Singh and Gurkeerat Singh were superb for Punjab last season, yet they can't get a game?! Pujara is a like a rabbit in headlights in this format." Team is winning every game this season, and still so many complaints?

Yuvraj Singh to Dhawan, 1 run, full ball and that is driven towards cover for a single
Yuvraj Singh to Bailey, 1 run, length ball heading for middle and leg, driven inside-out towards extra cover

16 | 4 Runs | KXIP: 105/5 (20 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 6.56, RRR: 5.00)

  • Rishi Dhawan14 (14b)
  • George Bailey4 (6b)
  • Mitchell Starc4-0-15-0
  • Yuvraj Singh1-0-8-0

Gagan: "Thanks to IPL for providing opportunities for Indian players like Rishi Dhawan as he may have never got the exposure while playing for small states like Himachal. Really good player, would like to see him in Indian cricket team"

Starc to Dhawan, 2 runs, full and slanting in from round the wicket, whipped towards deep midwicket for a quick two

Hot streaks


Consecutive matches won by KXIP, the most in a row by any IPL side

One from the vault


Runs that Bailey scored off 27 balls against RCB in 2010 - the last time he batted in the IPL before this season

Remember when ...


No. of deliveries Miller took for his century against RCB in 2013, the last time a batsman hit a hundred against RCB

Mr. Miser


Chahal's economy in this IPL, only Sunil Narine has a better economy among spinners

RCB v openers


Number of innings since an opening pair added fifty or more against RCB. The last one was by Tendulkar and Ponting

The drought


No. of boundaries off the bat by RCB in the last five overs, the first time in the IPL they failed to score any

Foreign foe


The number of overseas batsmen Balaji has dismissed, out of his 8 wickets in this IPL so far. His only Indian wicket - Dhoni

Poor starts


No. of times RCB have lost 4 or more wickets in the Powerplay in all IPL matches - two of them in 3 days

Three-wicket taker


Number of times, in 7 IPL matches, that Sandeep Sharma has taken 3 wickets in an innings

Yuvraj v Johnson


Yuvraj's ODI average v Johnson - 76 runs in 132 balls, 6 dismissals

What can you do off 7 balls?


Most runs scored in a seven-ball innings in the IPL, by Albie Morkel v RCB. Gayle made 20 off 7 today

Should KXIP be worried?


Gayle's aggregate v Kings XI, the highest by any batsman v an opposition. Next-best - Gambhir's 520 v RCB

Gayle's favourite team?


Gayle's aggregate v Kings XI (avg 62.88, SR 167.95). His next highest against any team is 386, v Mumbai