334dThe Report by Sidharth Monga

KKR to face Sunrisers for spot in the final

Chasing 170, Rajasthan Royals fell behind the asking rate in the middle overs and never recovered

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Best performances - Batsmen

KD Karthik
52(38) 4x4 - 2x6
Control %84%
  • Productive Shot
  • cover drive
  • 14 runs
  • 2x4 - 0x6
6 14 6 1 14 1 3 7
SV Samson
50(38) 4x4 - 2x6
Control %68%
  • Productive Shot
  • pull
  • 17 runs
  • 1x4 - 2x6
4 3 3 1 10 2 1 26

Best performances - Bowlers

K Gowtham
PP Chawla

Scorer: M Venkat Raghav | Commentator: Sreshth Shah

20 | 8 Runs | RR: 144/4 (26 runs required, RR: 7.20)

  • K Gowtham9 (7b)
  • H Klaasen18 (18b)
  • M Prasidh Krishna4-0-28-1
  • AD Russell3-0-22-0

10.50pm That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. Only two games now remain before the tournament comes to and. We take a day's break, and return on friday for the second qualifier. Till then, we hope you enjoyed our coverage. On behalf of Shashank Kishore, this is Sreshth Shah, signing off on behalf of the crew. See you.

10.42pm Quite a lot of ups and downs today. Royals looked on course to cruise to the second qualifier, but a strangle from the KKR bowlers have ended their campaign. Time for the presentation now.

Andre Russell is the Man of the Match. "Feels very good," he says. "Been hectic since the Kings XI game. Every game has been a final for us since then, so feel good to contribute. I have a clear head, so if you get a short ball, slower ball, wide ball, you can play accordingly. Have a still base, and make sure you get bat to ball. Once I connect, I know it'll be either a four or a six. I swing hard, and that's what helps the ball to go over the road. It's good to take responsibility with the ball as well. Especially, as a senior player. Just goes to show you're improving. Every game is a final for us, and the home advantage will be good. It's going to be a new game, so need to start afresh."

Dinesh Karthik, the KKR captain. "We were initially under the pump, so good on us to come back," he says. "Credit to Shubman Gill to absorb the pressure. He played some lovely shots. That eased the pressure off me, and then Andre was just special. In these kind of games the score doesn't matter, it's about believing. The par scores don't matter, but just how much you believe. The bowlers have picked their game and have bowled some good balls. Royals do spring a surprise, so you need to hold your nerve and execute your plans. Every game is important this stage. Next game, two good teams competing."

Darshak Trivedi: "In the event of putting kudos KKR's bowling, How can one forget Russell's quick fire contribution to make them defend able target of 169..To me, he is my man of the match."

Karthik K: "In the other end of the World, ChePuj scored a century at a strike rate more than a run a a ball!!! #JustSaying"

Karthik: "I would also like to mention about the umpiring. The wide calls were very poor. There has to be consistency in calling wides, which was absent today. "

DRP: "So the final is sure to be among the BEST vs BEST." -- Whoa slow down, Dhiriranjan. KKR now face Sunrisers Hyderabad in the second qualifier on 25th May. The winner of that game goes to the final

Vamsi Kagollu: "Rahane is as cool as cucumber...No rude or harsh comments despite losing the match unlike other captains...One of the great human being... Good luck to you Rahane..."

Yadullah: "@sreshth in K.K.R, you are missing the match winner who claimed two wickets and that too, of dangerous Tripathi and classy Samson. Obviously, I'm telling about Piyush Chawla."

10.32pm Handshakes among the KKR boys as Rajasthan Royals congratulate each other for what has been a successful season for them. They're out for the season, but can hold their head high as the season's fourth-best team. To be fair, not many people expected them to come to the Playoffs, so they can be mightly proud of their performance. As someone said, KKR rode on the back of Karthik, Kuldeep and Russell, but take nothing away from young Prasidh Krishna's bowling at the death. It was still pretty close till the end.

Ajinkya Rahane: "Disappointed. The way we started with the ball, especially after that. The dropped catch of Russell hurt. But when you start your chase so well, you generally win the game, but KKR bowled really well and that's disappointed us. I thought the total was gettable, and the partnerships between me and Rahul and me and Sanju were good. But credit to Kuldeep and the spinners. When me and Sanju were batting, we were trying to be positive. I told him to bat deep, but he got out. He tried well. With eight wickets in hand with five overs to go, we should've gotten the job done. Through the season, our bowlers have been great, but we need to improve on our batting for next season."

Avijeet: "Nobody praising Chawla, who bowled so bravely in PowerPlay."

Kuldeep: "Excited. It was a slow wicket, and it was gripping, but later it became good to bat on. We started well, but couldn't get early wickets. The wicket of Rahane was the turning point. Every game is important, and we are now four out of four, so we'll go for it. Yes, we'll probably beat the Sunrisers."

Shravan: "Rahane still not blaming their middle order but crediting KKRs spinners instead. Mature captain for a reason!"

Kashyap: "I feel the absence of Smith in RR is understated when compared to Warner's absence in SRH. RR with Smith, Buttler and Stokes throughout, would've been a serious contender to the title!!"

Prasidh Krishna to Gowtham, FOUR runs, top edged over the keeper! But KKR won't mind. The home boys win, and stay alive in IPL 2018! Rajasthan Royals are eliminated.

final ball.

Prasidh Krishna to Klaasen, 1 run, yorker on leg stump, and all he can do is bunt it down the ground. Just one ball left

Deepu: "Chill everyone, the better team is winning today! After stokes and buttler left the squad this was bound to happen. RR can be proud of themselves of making it too far"

Prasidh Krishna to Gowtham, 1 run, slower ball, but wide outside off. Forces him to reach at it, and all he can do is slice it to first slip
Prasidh Krishna to Gowtham, no run, yorker on leg stump, and Gowtham moved to the offside to try and paddle it fine. He misses, and the ball goes down the leg side. They want a wide, but not given. Probably because Gowtham moved around so much

Sandip Sinharay: "What a contrast from yesterday's match! CSK were almost out while chasing, but Faf won them. Here, RR were very much in and then, suddenly, don't-know-what lost them!"

Prasidh Krishna to Gowtham, 2 runs, full outside off, and he slices this drive over cover. In the air for a while, but lands safe. Russell at sweeper cover cleans up
Prasidh Krishna to Gowtham, no run, full outside off, and Gowtham misses the big attempted slog! He expected the ball to angle in, but it held its line. KKR are through if Krishna can bowl five legal deliveries

Prasidh to bowl the final over.

Royals 2nd innings Partnerships

1st47AM RahaneRA Tripathi
2nd62AM RahaneSV Samson
3rd17SV SamsonH Klaasen
4th4STR BinnyH Klaasen
5th14K GowthamH Klaasen