2.6 looked just for a moment like he had timed it well. But he has picked out mid-off. Length, just around off and Rahane tries to loft it straight down the ground. He perhaps didn't find the room he was looking for. And the ball doesn't come on at his desired pace. The bat face slightly opens as he completes the shot and he chips it to the right of Samson who runs across and snaffles it 24/1
    4.5 slower ball, 117 kph, from Zaheer, sees the back of Agarwal. Pushed across just outside off but not enough room for him to open up his shoulders. He slaps and tries to go over mid-off. But the lack of pace means the ball does not come on as quickly as he would have liked. He chips it to mid-off 34/2
    6.4 they go up for a catch and Faf has been given. Good catch by the wicketkeeper, Rishabh Pant. Goes up straight away. Du Plessis gets down to scoop and seeing the line tries to make a late adjustment and ramp it up over the keeper's head. Gets a faint edge and Pant makes a confident appeal. S Ravi takes his time before raising his finger 52/4
    5.5 taken at short fine leg. Short ball, gets big on him and he finds the top edge on the pull. Nadeem runs in from fine leg and takes a smart catch 49/3
    7.5 Stokes wasn't looking too comfortable against the pace of Cummins. Short ball at 148 kph, Stokes reaches out for a pull and does so without moving his feet. The ball does not bounce as much and goes off the bottom edge to the keeper. Supergiant have lost half their side now. They could be hurtling towards a heavy defeat here 54/5
    11.6 clipped uppishly off the toes - it's the helicopter - and straight down the throat of deep midwicket. Dhoni brings his powerful wrists into play and whips it powerfully. But unfortunately for him, it sails flat into the hands of Karun Nair who takes it reverse-cupped 79/6
    13.1 tries to fetch a slog sweep from outside off but he was not close to it. Had to reach out and ends up dragging it down to long-on 94/7
    14.1 giving the charge and Zaheer drops it short. Makes an attempt to pull and Zaheer finds the outside edge that goes to the keeper. Zaheer has a word or two with Chahar as he walks off 100/8
    15.3 slog sweep again, this time he makes contact but it is not enough to clear deep midwicket. Flighted, gets it to dip down and turn away, taking it away from the batsman and making him reach out. Doesn't find the middle of the bat 107/9
    16.1 end of game. Fullish length, outside off, Dinda backs away, opens the face of his bat and chips it to the right of Mishra diving to his left at cover 108/10
    not out
    5 (lb 1, w 4)
    108 all out (16.1 Overs, RR: 6.68)
    Fall of wickets: 1-24 (AM Rahane, 2.6 ov), 2-34 (MA Agarwal, 4.5 ov), 3-49 (RA Tripathi, 5.5 ov), 4-52 (F du Plessis, 6.4 ov), 5-54 (BA Stokes, 7.5 ov), 6-79 (MS Dhoni, 11.6 ov), 7-94 (R Bhatia, 13.1 ov), 8-100 (DL Chahar, 14.1 ov), 9-107 (A Zampa, 15.3 ov), 10-108 (AB Dinda, 16.1 ov)
    S Nadeem402315.75101110
    PJ Cummins3.102427.5770210
    Z Khan
    , play 00:14


    , play 00:14


    CH Morris201919.5053010
    CJ Anderson1010010.0020100
    A Mishra301133.66101000

Match Details


Rising Pune Supergiant , elected to field first

Player of the match


Hours of play (local time)

20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.30, Interval 21.30-21.50, Second Session 21.50- 23.20

Match days

11 April 2017 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


Delhi Daredevils 2, Rising Pune Supergiant 0

Match Notes

Comprehensive DD


Delhi's biggest margin of victory before this game, back in March 2010

Short-term Mayank


Mayank Agarwal has gone past 30 only ten times in 47 IPL innings before today

A long time coming


This was Delhi Daredevils' first 200-plus total since April 2012. In all, Daredevils have only posted three 200-plus totals.

End-overs madness


Runs scored by Daredevils in the last four overs - the third-highest in the last four overs of an IPL innings. The top two scores belong to RCB - 89 and 77.

Zampa's forgettable night


Number of runs conceded by Adam Zampa - his worst figures in T20 cricket.

Samson's best


Samson's highest T20 score, before today, against Jharkhand in the 2015-16 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in 2015. This is also his longest T20 innings.

Middle-overs rut


Number of runs Daredevils scored in the middle overs (7-15), after slapping 62 in the Powerplay

Samson ends 50 drought


Sanju Samson's fifty was his first in 16 innings across all T20s. He last hit a fifty in the 2016 IPL against Mumbai Indians in Delhi

Strong start


Daredevils' Powerplay score was their best in five years. The last time they topped this effort was in 2012, against the erstwhile Deccan Chargers.