0.1 Oh dear, Delhi have lost Chand first ball, again! Ponting, you beauty, Chand reached forward to that one, closed the face on that to turn it into the leg side, got a leading edge and Ponting was brilliant at extra cover. It's the Ponting of old. He actually slipped, regained his balance and flung himself to his right to snap that with one hand. He flew there, just as Jonty had done in the 1992 World Cup, and they're both in the same team here 0/1
    10.4 didn't pick the slower one this time, Warner had made up his mind, made room and appeared to be into the shot too early, ended up chipping it over point into the off side, Rayudu ran in from the deep and took it well, big wicket, a decisive one possibly 95/3
    2.4 Delhi in trouble, the pressure of big chase gets to Mahela, pushed it wide, Jayawardene comes down the track to smack that over extra cover, gets a thin edge through to the keeper 13/2
    17.4 run-out, Mumbai have been brilliant in the field today, pushes it to midwicket, wants the single, is sent back and Rishi Dhawan scores a direct hit at the striker's end, Juneja goes for 49, a well-played knock but there was too much to get, Mumbai are easing to victory here 140/8
    11.1 a soft dismissal, first ball, fullish and he hits it straight back to the bowler, Pollard calmly accepts it, no fuss, he's got his man in his pocket, he signals, by pretending to put the ball in his pocket 97/4
    14.1 that should shut out Delhi, you would think, slog-swept, he had no choice, straight to deep midwicket, seemed like he connected well but not well enough in the end 118/5
    15.2 he's gone now, quite a few caught-and bowleds today, slower one and Jadhav struck it straight back to Malinga, he fumbled on the first attempt but retained his composure to take it on the second 127/6
    16.3 slowed it up considerably did Ojha, took a while to get to the batsman, tried to clear extra cover there but played it too early, an easy catch offered to point 134/7
    not out
    19.1 bowls it from behind the stumps, short and it's been pulled well but straight to Ojha at deep midwicket 154/9
    not out
    10 (b 1, lb 1, w 8)
    165/9 (20 Overs, RR: 8.25)
    Fall of wickets: 1-0 (UBT Chand, 0.1 ov), 2-13 (DPMD Jayawardene, 2.4 ov), 3-95 (DA Warner, 10.4 ov), 4-97 (BMAJ Mendis, 11.1 ov), 5-118 (IK Pathan, 14.1 ov), 6-127 (KM Jadhav, 15.2 ov), 7-134 (S Nadeem, 16.3 ov), 8-140 (MC Juneja, 17.4 ov), 9-154 (A Nehra, 19.1 ov)
    Harbhajan Singh4.002516.2581100
    SL Malinga4.002015.00133000
    MG Johnson4.0049212.2588110
    PP Ojha4.003428.5061110
    KA Pollard4.003528.7572220

Match Notes