Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it from all of us here. It was a pleasure talking on this game. Thanks for joining us over the past five days and do come back for the coverage of Irani Trophy in a few days time

Parthiv is the man of the match. He is the winning captain too. He says, "It[winning the Ranji trophy] was a dream we collectively saw at the beginning of the season. I was taking my chances and am glad that the chances I took paid off. Manpreet played brilliantly. When we needed momentum, last evening, Priyank played well. RP Singh has worked really well with the boys. The credit should go to the young boys [for consistent performances in Ranji Trophy]. As an experienced player, you have to put your hand in big games and I am glad that I put my hand up"

Aditya Tare, the Mumbai captain, says, "He played a good knock, he rode his luck quite a bit. We have ourselves to blame for the catches dropped behind the wicket. I am proud of the team, the way they played this season. The way we played in the first innings could've been better. We played some silly shots. Shardul and Sandhu bowled their heart out today. Even Abhishek [Nayar]. I think our fielding could've been better"

Chintan Gaja's 6 wickets yesterday were crucial too. He bowled well and was well supported by the fielders. Don't think the Mumbai bowlers could say the same about their fielders. There were so many dropped catches in the second session and had they held on to them, it could still have been a tight affair

Parthiv walked in when the score was 51/2. He started by scoring runs off edges. He played superb strokes too. All this after being under the pump for the past two days for poor over-rates, negative tactics and generally not letting the game move further

Parthiv:" It was fantastic. Winning Ranji Trophy for Gujarat was a dream for all of us. Glad that I could score a century"

Priyank:"Our preparation from the first day was to be champions. Can't express my feelings at the moment"

Manpreet Juneja: "Mumbai players love to sledge. I just gave it back to them in an attempt to shift the momentum away. Glad that I could get the runs"

Thakur to Gandhi, FOUR runs, and Gujarat join Holkar, Delhi, Karnataka and Haryana as the teams to defeat Bombay/Mumbai in a Ranji Trophy final. It was a short ball outside the off stump. He cuts it past point for a boundary
Thakur to Gandhi, FOUR runs, short and wide outside the off stump. He square-drives it past point for a superb boundary. That would ease a lot of nerves
Thakur to Bhatt, 1 run, short ball on the leg stump. He gloves it to fine-leg for a single
Thakur to Gandhi, 1 run, turns it to leg side for a single
Thakur to Gandhi, no run, comes forward and defends it to the off side

89 | 2 Runs | GUJ: 303/5

  • RH Bhatt26 (76b)
  • CJ Gandhi2 (3b)
  • BS Sandhu24-4-101-2
  • SN Thakur22-4-80-1
Sandhu to Bhatt, no run,
Sandhu to Gandhi, 1 run, comes forward and looks to play the lofted drive. It just falls short of the mid-off fielder and they run a single

Swarnadeep: "The kind of form(and luck) Parthiv is in,it was a surprise that the edge did not land in no man's land and even bigger surprise that the catch was taken!"

Sandhu to Bhatt, 1 run, turns it to the leg side for a single
Sandhu to Bhatt, no run, outside the off stump line and left alone
Sandhu to Bhatt, no run, moves across and looks to flick it. He is struck high, on the inside part of the upper thigh region, outside the off stump. There is an appeal; can't be given
Sandhu to Bhatt, no run, wide outside the off stump and left alone by Bhatt

88 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | GUJ: 301/5

  • CJ Gandhi1 (2b)
  • RH Bhatt25 (71b)
  • SN Thakur22-4-80-1
  • BS Sandhu23-4-99-2
Thakur to Gandhi, no run, short ball down the leg stump line and he ducks under it comfortably

Roshan: "Finally Shardul does the catching himself"

Thakur to Bhatt, 1 run, plays it to the off side with soft hands and sets off for a single
Thakur to Gandhi, 1 run, punches it to mid-on for a single
Thakur to PA Patel, OUT, short ball down the leg stump line. He looks to go for the pull, but gets a top edge that Shardul runs in and takes. What an innings it has been. Edges, brilliant strokes, edge and more brilliant strokes. The people present at the stadium give him a standing ovation. Is this the opening that Mumbai are looking for? Is it too late?

PA Patel c & b Thakur 143 (283m 196b 24x4 0x6) SR: 72.95

Thakur to PA Patel, FOUR runs, short of a good length ball outside the off stump. He connects with the on-drive to get himself a boundary. What a shot!
Thakur to PA Patel, 2 runs, on the off stump. He flicks it to deep midwicket for a couple

87 | 8 Runs | GUJ: 293/4

  • RH Bhatt24 (70b)
  • PA Patel137 (193b)
  • BS Sandhu23-4-99-2
  • SN Thakur21-4-72-0
Sandhu to Bhatt, no run, outside the off stump and left alone

Rare defeat


Last time Mumbai lost a Ranji final, before this - to Haryana, by 2 runs. They had won 11 Ranji finals since then. Overall, it is only their 5th loss in 46 final appearances.

Maiden title


No. of Ranji Trophy titles for Gujarat, this is the first. They are the 17th team to become Ranji champions.

Parthiv's favourties


No. of centuries for Parthiv in first-class matches against Mumbai, including this. He hasn't scored more than 2 centuries against any other team.

Big target


Highest target successfully chased in a Ranji final, by Hyderabad v Nawanagar in 1937-38. Mumbai have set 312 in this final. However, a draw is enough for Gujarat.

Can Mumbai win?


No. of times a team has won a Ranji final after facing a deficit in 1st inns; Mumbai have done it twice. They lead over 250 in this final after conceding a lead of 100.

Shreyas in finals


Runs scored by Shreyas Iyer in last season's Ranji Trophy final, against Saurashtra. He has reached a fifty in this year's final too.

Second of the season


No. of times Gujarat has taken the first inns lead against Mumbai this season. They are the first side to do this against Mumbai in a Ranji season in the last ten years.

Mumbai's rare low


No. of lower first inns totals for Mumbai in Ranji finals, than the 228 this time. Their two lowest: 151 v TN in 1972-73 and 191 v Holkar in 1947-48.

Yadav's feat


Runs for Suryakumar Yadav in fc career, reaching there in this final. Since his debut in Dec 2010, no Mumbai player has scored more than him; Nayar 3264 comes next.

A long wait


Last and the only time Gujarat entered finals of a Ranji Trophy season, before this. They had lost to Holkar then. However, this is Mumbai's 46th final, a record.