Close of Play

  • Tue, 17 Sep - day 1 - Surrey 1st innings 59/2 (HM Amla 30*, VS Solanki 20*, 17.5 ov)
  • Wed, 18 Sep - day 2 - Surrey 1st innings 400/5 (GC Wilson 16*, ZS Ansari 12*, 98 ov)
  • Thu, 19 Sep - day 3 - Warwickshire 2nd innings 55/2 (A Javid 16*, LJ Evans 20*, 21 ov)
  • Fri, 20 Sep - day 4 - Warwickshire 2nd innings 281/4 (91.4 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

  • Surrey relegated by Javid and Woakes

    Surrey went down tamely in the end, their optimistic plan to take 10 Warwickshire wickets in less time that it took to concede 281 runs falling a long way short

  • Surrey gamble in survival bid

    Surrey need another eight wickets after forfeiting their second innings and setting Warwickshire 281 to win in more than a day, as they attempt to stay in Division One

  • Solanki's masterclass comes too late

    Days like these have been rare for Surrey this season, which goes a long way, of course, to explaining why they are on the brink of relegation

  • Rain pushes Surrey closer to drop

    Surrey could do without the abrupt arrival of autumn keeping them confined to the dressing room for all but the first hour and a quarter of the first day against Warwickshire

Warwickshire 4th innings Partnerships

1st12IJ WestwoodV Chopra
2nd7IJ WestwoodA Javid
3rd79LJ EvansA Javid
4th28R ClarkeA Javid
5th155CR WoakesA Javid