Match Centre

76 | 5 Runs | NL: 186/4

  • PW Borren25 (103b)
  • BN Cooper37 (132b)
  • J Anderson6-3-11-0
  • J Mulder26-6-55-1

We finally have a shake of hands out in the middle.

After the loss of those two early wicket after tea, Ireland would have been hoping to get a couple of more wickets. Yet Borren walked out into the middle in a very determined mood. After getting out to a horrible shot in the first innings, both Cooper and himself dropped anchor and just frustrated the Irish Bowlers. With a mountain of spin being bowled, the game just drifted along until the sensible decision was made to call an end to it.

I'm sure that both side are thinking "Oh for a fifth day...."

Ireland move back to the top of the Intercontinental Table with the 9 points that they get from this game. The Netherlands pick up 3. Yet perhaps Afghanistan will be the happiest team, a win against Hong Kong in October will see them open up clear space at the top before the last round of games.

Its really been a great four days worth of cricket here in Malahide, so I hope that you have enjoyed the game. Its sure been a pleasure to bring it too you. As the sun sets once again at the ground this is Justin Smyth saying goodnight.

Anderson to Borren, no run, goes for the sweep and misses
Anderson to Borren, no run, stays on the back foot and blocks the ball into the ground
Anderson to Cooper, 1 run, blocked out into the covers
Anderson to Cooper, FOUR runs, gets forward and drives the ball beautifully through extra cover, just providing that he can still play some attacking shots
Anderson to Cooper, no run, hits the ball back to the bowler
Anderson to Cooper, no run, as a seagull walks across the outfield, Cooper gets forward and defends