So then, Chennai are in the finals. Can they go all the way? Who will they face in the title clash? The second semifinal is coming our way tomorrow - two high-quality teams - it should be a cracker. Hope to see you there. On behalf of my colleagues, this is Nitin Sundar signing off for ESPNcricinfo. Before you go, here is Sid Talya's bulletin for today's game. Cheers!

Raina, expectedly, (and not Hussey) is MoM "Great feeling to be in the finals. I knew it was 17 overs, I knew they will come hard with me, so I decided to go for the loose balls. We hope to do the double - IPL and CLT20."

Kumble: "Too many runs on the board, then Steyn got injured, and then Virat also got injured. Things did not go our way.. one catch.. if the fielder (Dravid) had taken Raina's catch things could have been different. We needed a good chance while chasing, but it did not happen. It's been a fantastic time with this side."

MS Dhoni: "WELL Of course, Raina's batting made it look so easy. Bangalore got a blow when they lost Steyn. Raw pace would have made a difference - Raina cashed in and good support from Vijay and Hussey. Raina has the kind of talent where he can take it away once he is set. The use of the new ball was important. Bollinger normally does not bowl up, uses the short balls. Once you get in, it is a good wicket to bat, so we needed early wickets and it worked." Shastri: "Are you peaking at the right time?" MSD: "WELL of course there are some rough ends to be corrected, finals will be exciting."

Hang on for the presentations.

Chennai Super Kings have marched into the final then. In four tournaments, Chennai have made three finals and one semi-final. Mighty impressive, and if they can win the final in Sunday, it will look even more impressive. Sad story for Bangalore though. On that one occasion when Chennai did not make the finals - IPL 2009 - Bangalore had stopped them. Not this time though. They started well, then the rain came down, then Hussey mis-timed an off drive and things went downhill from then on at a rapid pace.

Siva: "I believe Chennai is the only team consistent in picking up wickets, they narrowly missed against wariors except that they have picked all the 10 wickets of all their opponents"

The latest on Steyn - he is going to spend the night in the hospital as a precautions. Lets hope he has a speedy recovery.

Rajesh makes another outstanding observation. "Dhoni is the only captain to make into the finals of World T20, IPL and CLT20 and that too all in debut."

Ashwin to Vinay Kumar, OUT, it's all over. Vinay is out, and Steyn won't bat, so Bangalore are bowled out. Vinay walks out again, Ashwin lands it in the slot again, but not so full, so Vinay ends up dragging it leg side this time, and it lands in the hands of deep midwicket.

R Vinay Kumar c Anirudha b Ashwin 9 (9m 7b 0x4 1x6) SR: 128.57

Ashwin to Vinay Kumar, SIX runs, smashed, right off the screws that one. Vinay trots out, reaches the pitch and launches this one so high that the camera lost the ball for a while before it began its descent well behind long on

Ankit: "Is RCB becoming CHOKERS of domestic circuit? Is it because of having number of South African players in side? Just a thought." Good observation. One IPL final, one semi-final, one CLT20 semi-final and no silverware to show.

16 | 3 Runs | RCB: 117/8 (59 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.31, RRR: 59.00)

  • R Vinay Kumar3 (5b)
  • A Kumble1 (2b)
  • L Balaji3-0-13-1
  • M Muralitharan4-0-38-2
Balaji to Vinay Kumar, 1 run, full on leg, mistimes straight to midwicket and they scatter across for a tight single. Direct hit and it could have been another wicket down
Balaji to Vinay Kumar, no run, another slow bouncer, no contact made.

CSK_FAN: "The Required rate is like stick cricket required rates now."

  • Dale Steyn hits his head

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RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2R DravidMK Pandey
2nd5RV UthappaMK Pandey
3rd5LRPL TaylorMK Pandey
4th25V KohliMK Pandey
5th30CL WhiteMK Pandey
6th17D du PreezMK Pandey
7th20P KumarMK Pandey
8th10R Vinay KumarP Kumar
9th9A KumbleR Vinay Kumar

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