Player of the Match
Player of the Match

17 | 12 Runs | TITNS: 153/6 (7 runs required, RR: 9.00)

  • M Mosehle11 (5b)
  • AB de Villiers23 (13b)
  • R Rampaul3-0-31-0
  • SP Narine4-0-23-2

7.40pm: The match has been called off and T&T have won by six runs (D/L method).

So T&T have eight points now with a game to play. It's still raining in Ahmedabad and the second match of the evening between Sunrisers and Heat looks a doubtful starter. Puddles around the outfield.

T&T have a shot at the semis and Titans' chances will depend on the match between Chennai Super Kings and T&T.

Really questions the wisdom of deciding to host the matches in Ahmedabad despite the rain warnings. This topic won't rest.

We're signing off for the moment. Do follow the commentary for the next game for updates. We're not sure yet if there will be an indoor presentation for this one. If there is, we will bring it to you. For now, it's goodbye. Thanks for your company. Cheers!

Update: Ewin Lewis is the Man of the Match.

7.30pm: Pommie Mbangwa tweets: "The rain has eased but puddles out on the field now. There's been a lot of rain here in the last…"

Ganesh Ramachandran: "Keeping the matches @ Ahemadabad defies yet another logic of the CLT20 council :) When you pull out matches, pull everything out ! Reports clearly showed that forecast was bad even for today... Why let Rain decide most of the fortune when the best teams compete? Not to forget, Ahmedabad has the worst of draining facilities in India (Still yet to forget the swimming pool facility inside the stadium)"

7.15pm: Heavy rain is an understatement. The wind's blowing away the covers and it's only the main square that's protected. Still trying to find out what the cut-off time is. Not that it really matters now with the rain bucketing down.

Kritesh: "This is unacceptable.. How on earth can they have covers just to cover up the main square?? This may result in abandonment of second match as well seeing how heavy the rain is. Utter nonsense."

R Coach: "If Narine didn't take those 2 wickets in the 15th over, DL would have been against us and we would have been on a plane back home already."

Mohandas Menon tweets: "Titans could get in if T&T lose by a big margin to CSK in the final game on 2 Oct"

7.05pm: And we have a rain interruption! The wind has suddenly picked up and the rain's getting heavier. The players are off the field and the covers are on the main square.

The par score on D/L is 159 so Titans are behind. If there is no further play, T&T will win this by six runs.

The ground could do with more covers at the moment. Only the main square is protected. We have one more game in tonight at the same venue.

In the event of T&T winning this, it gives the other Group B games context. The second semi-final spot will still be available. Now only if the weather will allow the Sunrisers-Heat match to take place!

Rampaul to Mosehle, FOUR runs, bit of pressure released for Titans! Rampaul is punished for bowling length wide outside off and Mosehle spanks it over backward point
Rampaul to de Villiers, 1 run, follows that up with a good yorker and he digs it out
Rampaul to de Villiers, (no ball) 2 runs, high full toss and it's a waist-high no-ball, pulled to deep square leg and the fielder fumbles and recovers well to pull it back as it inches back towards the rope
Rampaul to Mosehle, 3 runs, not the most attractive shot, slower ball and he makes room and flat-bats it over the bowler, Simmons runs from long-on and boots it away just before the rope, the umpire has a look and it was a clean save
Rampaul to Mosehle, no run, this was even shorter and Mosehle tries to upper cut it but misses again
Rampaul to Mosehle, no run, he bowls this one short of a length and swishes at it, nearly edges it

Titans 2nd innings Partnerships

1st65JA RudolphH Davids
2nd14JA RudolphHG Kuhn
3rd9JA RudolphRE van der Merwe
4th0AB de VilliersRE van der Merwe
5th49AB de VilliersF Behardien
6th0AB de VilliersD Wiese
7th16AB de VilliersM Mosehle

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