20 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | CSK: 145/8 (15 runs required, RR: 7.25)

  • CH Morris26 (17b)
  • JO Holder0 (0b)
  • JP Faulkner4-0-36-1
  • KK Cooper4-0-41-0

Well, thats all we have for you here folks. Do join us same time for the second semi-final between Mumbai Indians and Trinidad & Tobago. If you still want to soak in the thrills of this semi-final, do keep an eye out for the match report and the plays of the day. Otherwise, this is Alagappan Muthu saying sayonara

Pravi Tambe is the Man of the Match. I'm very happy when the team does well and we are in the final of the Champions League. I want to thank Rahul bhai and my coaches for believing in me. I dont know why they are not picking me. I just stick to my basics and bowl as well as I can

Rahul Dravid says there is one more game to go and expressed pride in the way his side fought back. He adds that they were 15-20 short but their bowling and fielding was just fantastic. What we have here is something special, we've got a great unit together. Its Tambe's experience, he's been bowling in club cricket for decades and he's very willing to learn. He always talks with Hodge and Watson about what pace to bowl, how to counter when a batsman is going after him. There were a few raised eyebrows when we selected him, but he has the mental strength to come true. I love playing here at Jaipur and its probably my last game here and its been such a fun time and I've got so much support from the crowd here. I haven't talked to Hodge yet, but touch on wood he comes through because we only have four foreign players in the squad

Pradeep Rathore: "C'mon Selectors! What else does Rahane need to do to get your nod!!! :|"

Ritish : "Tambe who? A great story of dreams coming true! Sad to see my favorite T20 team playing together possibly for the last time and going out but not without a fight! Anyways, well played Rajasthan Royals…you guys deserve to win this tournament and send off the Wall with a great gift! As for the great man…he is going to be around forever and will get the appropriate farewell if and when he plays his last test! Hope to see a RR and T&T final!"

MS Dhoni complimented his bowlers who he thought did a fantasitic job to restrict them to 160. There were looking for a much bigger score. The batting did not stack up. And there were a couple of run-outs that added to things. But the lower order reacted to the situation well. A couple of guys strayed away from their designated roles. Ashwin did very well and Morris supported him. The first few overs, the batsman batted well, and the other team knew the conditions better and I knew their bowlers were going to keep things tight. Its not just enough to just bowl fast, they kept a good line, We did well at the start but we have to think on our batting order

Ajinkya Rahane says Royals know the wicket and the plan was to just see off the new ball and then kick on from there. its very crucial in at T20 game. I was looking to be positive but when wickets fall I just wanted to stay there till the end. My role is to be positive and stay there for as long as possible

11.20 See, I told you it was going to be a cracker. Rajasthan Royals had Chennai Super Kings on the ropes, helped rather lavishly by M Vijay's unwise running. Rahul Dravid used his bowlers in very short bursts and when he looked to Rahul Shukla and Pravin Tambe, they responded in style. R Ashwin and Chris Morris did their best to write a different script, but in the end, Royals have secured their first Champions League final. Do stick around though for the presentation

Jatin: "So, 13 on the trot at home and still going strong, has any T20 side managed this kind of a feat?" Otago had 14 before Royals broke the streak

"i dont watch tv... it is more fun seeing/reading ur live commentry... thanks cricinfo guys... we will keep in touch...." Always a pleasure, Paul

Vishal Sheokand: "This loss is worse than it will look in the end. Ashwin was always reducing the margin of loss. 5 wickets in 5 consecutive overs, CSK ought to come out better next time."

Faulkner to Morris, no run, another yorker, the death bowling in this match has been impressive, and this one seals the game for Rajasthan as Morris can only dig it out
Faulkner to Morris, no run, yorker. dot ball. perfect for Royals. Morries tried to dab it to third man, but comes up with only air
Faulkner to Ashwin, OUT, Another full length ball and Ashwin does what he has been doing all innings, plants his front foot outside leg and muscles over the leg side. But this time his power is not enough as Stuart Binnny comes in from long-on and holds on amid tense circumstances
Faulkner to Morris, 1 run, that was the perfect yorker, but Morris manages to dig it out toward point. Shane Watson and Brad Hodge hurry over to field the ball. Watson fields the ball but his momentum drove his head straight into the outside of Hodge's knee. Both players go down. Watson is up quickly. But Hodge is wincing in pain as he clutches his knee. This looks bad. He's going off the field here.
Faulkner to Ashwin, 1 run, another low full toss and this one is slapped down the ground. Faulkner extends his hand to try and take the catch, but the ball flies wide of him and long-on tidies up
Faulkner to Ashwin, SIX runs, and he carts it over wide long-on for a vital six. Faulkner's yorker materialises as a low full toss and Ashwin goes deep in the crease, opens up his front leg and slams it over the boundary

23 off 6 balls and Faulkner is the man to tackle that equation.

Kapil Devani: "The way he is playing today, I believe Ashwin will get out with with his favorite mode, the run out :)" Well, he is on strike

19 | 14 Runs | CSK: 137/7 (23 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.21, RRR: 23.00)

  • R Ashwin39 (25b)
  • CH Morris25 (14b)
  • KK Cooper4-0-41-0
  • SR Watson4-0-34-1
Cooper to Ashwin, 1 run, full on middle but Ashwin having made room has enough leverage to strike the ball just a little wide of the man at mid-off, who moves around quickly and drives to stop a boundary
Cooper to Morris, 1 run, full and angling in as Morris drills it to deep midwicket as the partnership reaches 64 off 38 balls.

deep point in

Cooper to Morris, FOUR runs, oh God, he's bowled a full toss and been whacked! It also had ample room and all Morris had to do was get it wide of the man at sweeper cover and he does so
Cooper to Morris, 2 runs, slower ball, but it is in the slot for Morris to carve it over the top of point. But there isn't enough timing to beat the man at sweeper cover
Cooper to Morris, FOUR runs, slams this through extra cover and long-off cannot cut it off. Just shy of a yorker, but there was just enough room for Morris to power the ball to the boundary
Cooper to Morris, 1 wide, oh, that's a little malfunction in the radar. It was a length ball, but it was well, well wide of off stump
Cooper to Ashwin, 1 run, overpitched again and Ashwin was looking to clear the boundary again, but he hasn't timed this anywhere close to well enough. Stuart Binny charges in, but seeing the ball will fall short, stays back and collects it on the bounce

37 from 12 as Cooper returns

18 | 15 Runs | CSK: 123/7 (37 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.83, RRR: 18.50)

  • R Ashwin37 (23b)
  • CH Morris14 (10b)
  • SR Watson4-0-34-1
  • JP Faulkner3-0-28-0
Watson to Ashwin, 1 run, he walked right across to reveal all three of his stumps and Watson followed him, while keeping the length full. Ashwin swats it down the ground to long-on
Watson to Ashwin, 2 runs, this time he adds a little width to the full length ball and Ashwin carves it through to sweeper cover. The call was for two and Ashwin pulls out the dive to make it

Ashwin Ravichandran: "Hey, who is playing there in my body???"

Karthik: "What a jinx - 'Cyclone' Cooper, 'SandStorm' Samson, 'Hurricane' Hodge, 'Whirlpool' Watson, 'Devastating' Dhoni - all had failed in unison."

Watson to Ashwin, FOUR runs, Ashwin is getting a move on here, but is it too late? Overpitched from Watson again and he gets forward and whacks it straight down the ground, straight enough to beat the man at long-on
Watson to Ashwin, 2 runs, he brings his length back and Ashwin pulls it out to midwicket off the back foot
Watson to Ashwin, SIX runs, massive! There's that front leg which goes outside leg stump and the ball is right in the slot as Ashwin swings his bat fully and gets it high over the square leg boundary
Watson to Ashwin, no run, he was making some room, but the bowler follows him with his good length ball. Ashwin attempts to adjust with a cut shot, but cannot connect

52 from 18 now as Watson comes into the attack

17 | 11 Runs | CSK: 108/7 (52 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.35, RRR: 17.33)

  • R Ashwin22 (17b)
  • CH Morris14 (10b)
  • JP Faulkner3-0-28-0
  • KK Cooper3-0-27-0

Ashish: "Ashwin is better batsman then Jadeja any given day - Only time will make people believe"

Faulkner to Ashwin, 1 run, nudged toward midwicket as Faulkner ends the over with another almost-yorker
Faulkner to Morris, 1 run, full length again, but Morris cant free his arms as he punches it off to long-on
Faulkner to Ashwin, 1 run, length ball on middle allows Ashwin to open up his stance and whack it off to deep midwicket for a single
Faulkner to Ashwin, FOUR runs, he takes one step outside his crease and carves this full length ball outside off fine of point and square of third man for another useful boundary
Faulkner to Ashwin, FOUR runs, oh, thats a little bit of magic from Ashwin. It was homing in on middle, but it was a full toss as he goes down on one knee and pulls out a reverse sweep which beats the man at short third

Super Kings 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13MEK HusseyM Vijay
2nd20SK RainaM Vijay
3rd18S BadrinathSK Raina
4th3MS DhoniSK Raina
5th7SK RainaDJ Bravo
6th9SK RainaRA Jadeja
7th2SK RainaCH Morris
8th73R AshwinCH Morris
9th0JO HolderCH Morris
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