1.5 edged and caught! Bravo pitched the ball on a good length and slanted it across the left-hander, Trescothick didn't move his feet while having a poke outside off and edged it to Ramdin who took a comfortable catch 13/1
    5.6 caught! Somerset are slipping! Ganga bowls a flatter one and the length is a bit short, Langer pulls it firmly but hits it straight to the fielder Perkins at square leg, the set batsman is gone and T&T are well and truly on top here 28/3
    4.6 caught Bravo, bowled Bravo. Kieswetter gives Dwayne the charge and tries to swat him over mid-off, he gets no elevation and the ball lands in younger brother Darren's hands, T&T are taking control here, two wickets and the run-rate is pretty low 26/2
    not out
    11.1 bowled him! Somerset needed to accelerate and Suppiah charged Mohammed, trying to hit him over midwicket, he was beaten by the flight and turn and the ball hit middle and leg 52/4
    13.6 what a celebration that is from Mohammed! He does a flip, thumps his chest and does a bit of a jig as well, and all because Trego's attempted reverse sweep landed in Darren Bravo's hands at point 69/5
    14.2 Somerset are spiralling towards defeat! Hildreth pushed the ball towards point and set off for a non-existant single, he was sent back by de Bruyn and had no chance to make his ground, Mohammed's throw was accurate and Ramdin whipped off the bails, no third umpire needed 69/6
    15.1 Phillips has holed out! He lofted the ball high towards wide long -on, Simmons covered good ground from deep midwicket and held a well-judged catch while on the move 74/7
    17.4 another run out! de Bruyn hits the ball hard to cover and sets off, Thomas is running to the keeper's end - the danger end - and is caught short by the throw 96/8
    19.4 Waller tries that cheeky chip shot again by moving outside off stump, he misses again and this time he loses off stump 106/9
    19.6 and that is that! Bravo hits the top of the stumps after Willoughby swings wildly and misses, he takes off on a celebratory run and his team-mates rush towards him 106/10
    14 (lb 7, w 7)
    106 all out (20 Overs, RR: 5.30)
    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (ME Trescothick, 1.5 ov), 2-26 (C Kieswetter, 4.6 ov), 3-28 (JL Langer, 5.6 ov), 4-52 (AV Suppiah, 11.1 ov), 5-69 (PD Trego, 13.6 ov), 6-69 (JC Hildreth, 14.2 ov), 7-74 (BJ Phillips, 15.1 ov), 8-96 (AC Thomas, 17.4 ov), 9-106 (MTC Waller, 19.4 ov), 10-106 (CM Willoughby, 19.6 ov)
    R Rampaul3.001404.66101030
    DJ Bravo4.002345.75123010
    S Badree4.002005.00142020
    S Ganga3.001625.33121100
    D Mohammed4.001824.50111010
    KA Pollard2.00804.0071000

Match Notes