Match abandoned without a ball bowled



10.40 pm: And the news we were all dreading, the game has been called off.

So that is the end of that then, persistent rain throughout the day has ensured that the game has had to be abandoned and that is a pity given that it was a semi-final.

Nagenahira is through to the final, on account of finishing above Kandurata in the league stage and they will take on Uva there, on August 31.

Hope for some better weather that day. That's all from me, will be back to cover the SLPL 2012 final live on Friday.

On behalf of Andrew Fernando on the ground, I am Suneer Chowdhary signing off.

10.20 pm I will let Andrew Fernando, our man at R Premadasa Stadium give you this news: "The umpires uncovered the pitch, took a peek, and stuck the covers back on."

He also adds that the abandonment is imminent. I would have loved to sound more optimistic than him but cannot help but feel he isn't too far away from the mark!

10.10 pm Rain's stopped for now and the umpires are out, inspecting the outfield and the pitch.

9.45 pm It has reduced to a drizzle, but it's still coming down, which means that the covers are still on.

Sagar says, "5 overs match will be a advantage for the kandu's or else it will be very difficult for them to make it to the finals." If we do have a game that is, which, at this stage is looking doubtful.

No update from the umpires yet, but we need to start by 10.45 pm local time to have a bare minimum, five-overs a side game.

9.15 pm Still raining, I am afraid.

8.50 pm Raining again and the covers are now being brought back on. Not looking good at all.

The latest we can begin the game (5 overs a side) is 10.45 pm.

8.40 pm Good news first, rains have stopped and the covers are being removed. The not so good news is that there is a fear that already a lot of damage has been done, let's wait with fingers crossed though!

8.15 pm It has begun to rain hard now in Colombo. This isn't good news given how much it has already rained through the day already. We begin to lose overs from 8.45 pm local time onwards and given the situation, we will be lucky to get any overs in.

8.00 pm Umpires will inspect the pitch and ground at 8.20 pm. We will be back at that time with the latest.

7.40 pm Andrew Fernando does not have great news from Colombo, he says, "Ground is being dried after heavy rain today. Won't be a prompt start I'm afraid."

While we hope it does not go that far, if the match gets abandoned due to rain, Nagenahira will go through on account of finishing higher than Kandurata in the points table in the group stage.

7.15 pmHello and welcome to the second semi-final of the Sri Lanka Premier League 2012, Nagenahira Nagas take on Kandurata Warriors in today's game.

The winner of this one will take on Uva Next in the SLPL 2012 final for a place in the Champions League T20 2012. I am Suneer Chowdhary and will take you through this game.

The toss in a few minutes and till then, you can read the preview of this game here.