166dThe Bulletin by Siddhartha Talya

Pakistan prevail in thrilling climax

A washout would have ensured them a place in the semi-finals but Pakistan proved they were capable of progressing to the next stage based on performance alone

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Pakistan Under-19s , elected to field first

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Pakistan Under-19s advanced

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Hours of play (local time)

10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00, Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15

Match days

23 January 2010 (50-over match)

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Pakistan under-19s win by 2 wickets, they are absolutely thrilled with the win, the Indian players are shattered, so close yet so far. A wonderful contest. The players shake hands, we have had another thriller. Thanks for being with us, do join us again tomorrow for the Quarter-Final between Sri Lanka and South Africa, until then bye from all of us here at Cricinfo.

Sandeep Sharma to Hammad Azam, FOUR runs, lovely shot and it is all over, Pakistan win by 2 wickets, walks down the track and drills it in the gap between backward point and cover to the fence for a boundary.

2 runs required from 4 balls.

The important thing for Pakistan is that Hammad will be on strike.

Sandeep Sharma to Sarmad Bhatti, OUT, mishit in the air to mid-on, Agarwal moves backwards and sideways to take the catch. India still in the game.
Sandeep Sharma to Sarmad Bhatti, 2 runs, hit in the air to deep extra cover, Manan Sharma makes the big mistake, loses the ball and misses a good chance for a run out.

So now we are into the final over, Pakistan need 4 runs from 6 balls. It will be Sandeep Sharma to bowl the final over.

Rishi Kumar: "wow watch a match we r having... its fun to see boys fighting till their last breath.... "

22 | 12 Runs 1 Wkt | PAK19: 111/7 (4 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.04, RRR: 4.00)

  • Sarmad Bhatti1 (1b)
  • Hammad Azam17 (12b)
  • JD Unadkat5-1-26-2
Unadkat to Sarmad Bhatti, 1 run, hit in the air and down the ground to long off for a single.
Unadkat to Hammad Azam, 1 run, fuller and squeezed out to backward point, Harpreet fields it and the throw misses the stumps, that was close.

6 runs from 8 balls. Menaria has a long chat with Jaydev.

Unadkat to Hammad Azam, FOUR runs, lovely shot from Hammad, moves across and paddles it around and over the short fine leg fielder and to the fence for a boundary.

10 runs required from 9 balls. Sarmad will be at the non-strikers end.

Pakistan U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11Ahmed ShehzadBabar Azam
2nd0Ahmed ShehzadAhsan Ali
3rd5Azeem GhummanAhsan Ali
4th55Rameez AzizAhsan Ali
5th7Rameez AzizHammad Azam
6th19Hammad AzamMohammad Waqas (2)
7th8Usman QadirHammad Azam
8th8Hammad AzamSarmad Bhatti
9th4Raza HasanHammad Azam