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Hong Kong Under-19s , elected to field first

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Zimbabwe Under-19s won the 13th place play-off

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<b>Updates Only</b><br>10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00, Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15

Match days

27 January 2010 (50-over match)

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Under-19s World Cup News

HK U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13Ashish GadhiaVVV Gope
2nd11JJ AtkinsonAshish Gadhia
3rd0Irfan AhmedAshish Gadhia
4th28Irfan AhmedNizakat Khan
5th5Nizakat KhanMS Chapman
6th7Nizakat KhanWaqas Barkat
7th6Waqas BarkatAC Smith
8th24Aizaz KhanAC Smith
9th3AC SmithMC Tucker
10th1Aditya KanthanMC Tucker