0.5 very well bowled! Paris bowls that perfect ball on the off and middle. Drummond is looking for the outswing and is playing for the forward defensive push, but the ball shapes in and hits him flush on the middle of the pad. Umpire nods in approval of the appeal 1/1
    11.1 short ball and the wicket! The ball raises disconcertingly for Davies as he is looking to drag the bat back inside the line. The ball takes the outside edge and lands safely into the hands of the keeper 40/3
    1.2 another batsman deceived by the inswinger. Foakes comes forward in anticipation of the ball moving away. he is trying to cover the line of the stumps without factoring in the inswing, and shoulders arms. He just had to wait a milli-second to hear the sound of the ball hitting the stumps 6/2
    26.3 and that's the wicket Australia have been looking for. Sandhu bowls one outside the off stump. Overton looks to drive without any foot movement and gets an outside edge to the keeper 96/7
    16.4 short balls have had Kapil in a spot of bother. The bowlers do pick these things up. Sandhu pitches it short outside the off stump. Kapil looks to cut it and gets an outside edge back to the keeper 61/4
    25.5 wide ball outside the off stump. Duckett looks to drive it away from the body and gets an inside edge onto the stumps. He is bowled 95/5
    26 fuller ball on the middle stump. Wood is playing down the wrong line. He is struck low on the front pad. Wood is plumb in front and has to go 95/6
    not out
    32 fuller ball on the leg stump. Overton chips it straight into the hands of Sandhu at long-on 125/8
    32.3 fuller ball on the middle stump. Topley is struck on the toe and adjudged LBW 125/9
    38.3 short ball on the middle stump. Collins looks to pull it and gets a top edge to Bosisto at square-leg. Bosisto takes the catch easily and hands the ball back to the square-leg umpire 143/10
    16 (lb 2, w 14)
    143 all out (38.3 Overs, RR: 3.71)
    JS Paris10.003523.5030
    MT Steketee9.003523.8850
    GS Sandhu9.312732.8420
    S Cassel3.001404.6600
    AJ Turner7.003034.2840
    Fall of wickets:1-1 (DJ Bell-Drummond, 0.5 ov), 2-8 (BT Foakes, 1.2 ov), 3-40 (AL Davies, 11.1 ov), 4-61 (A Kapil, 16.4 ov), 5-95 (BM Duckett, 25.5 ov), 6-95 (SKW Wood, 25.6 ov), 7-96 (C Overton, 26.3 ov), 8-125 (J Overton, 31.6 ov), 9-125 (RJW Topley, 32.3 ov), 10-143 (BF Collins, 38.3 ov)

Match Notes