Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5.48pm A few thoughts from the presentations. First up, AB de Villiers. "We were about 20 short," he says. ""290-300 would have been ideal. I think JP got an unlucky one, they felt a little hard done-by, it was still a competitive total but credit to the opposition, they played a good game of cricket and out-thought us."

"It was a good cricket wicket throughout the 100 overs. No excuses, we were out-played."

Eoin Morgan: "Completely different conditions, the challenge today was adapting, the game was in the balance but Jos Buttler took the game into his own hands. We were very happy with 260, and given the way we've been playing with the bat, it was within range."

Morgan said he bowled his spinners straight through in a bid to get AB de Villiers out, which was a cunning captaincy ploy.

Unsurprisingly, the Man of the Match is Alex Hales for his 99: "A different sort of innings required today, we knew if we took it deep we'd get over the line. The Test series was difficult but I learnt a lot and since we switched to the white ball, it've felt in good touch."

So that is that. Join us again in Centurion on Tuesday for the third ODI, and have a read of David Hopps' match report. From myself and Alan Gardner, goodbye.

5.38pm Well, that was brisk. England's one-day renaissance shows no sign of slowing down ... actually, renaissance rather implies they were ever any good in the format (humble apologies to Goochie's class of 92, of course...). This is a team with the means to go a long, long way in the coming years. THey have class acts in all departments, and in Jos Buttler, a gun batsman who can win in style from any situation. Today was about Alex Hales' solidity at the top of the order, fine bowling from the spin twins, Moeen and Adil Rashid, and a career-best 4 for 50 from young Reece Topley. England are 2-0 up, and despite a return to form for AB de Villiers, South Africa were second-best by some distance again today.

soham: "amazing turnaround by the english team after wc debacle.never seen such a attacking positive english odi team before!cant say about 2019 wc because its too far but for 2017 champions trophy this team is alreasy a contender!" Troo dat ... and I wouldn't be surprised if they were contenders in the World Twenty20 too...

SanjayN: "Last 5 overs, 61 runs. Says it all. Well played, England, too good again for SA. Mumbai Indians got Buttler for a steal. Just compare the silly money that's been paid out for some seriously mediocre players."

Morkel to Ali, FOUR runs, smashed through midwicket, game over!
Morkel to Ali, FOUR runs, Moeen's turn to have a mow! A typical range-hitting stand-and-deliver blow, straight back whence it came. One bounce and into the rope

46 | 21 Runs | ENG: 255/5 (8 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.54, RRR: 2.00)

  • JC Buttler48 (28b)
  • MM Ali13 (13b)
  • Imran Tahir10-0-66-0
  • K Rabada9-0-35-0
Imran Tahir to Buttler, no run, a rare dot-ball, but too little too late, that is a massive 21-run over
Imran Tahir to Buttler, SIX runs, flogged! Monstrous cross-batted assault, down on one knee, not a ring in sight though as Tahir is jilted into the stands, back over his head!
Imran Tahir to Buttler, SIX runs, mowed over midwicket! Buttler can't be bothered to nudge and nurdle England to victory, he's got a long handle and he intends to use it!
Imran Tahir to Buttler, SIX runs, big stride, head over the ball, clears the front leg, battered into the stands. Fetch!

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England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20AD HalesJJ Roy
2nd97AD HalesJE Root
3rd52EJG MorganAD Hales
4th7AD HalesBA Stokes
5th26AD HalesJC Buttler
6th61MM AliJC Buttler