Player of the Match
Player of the Match

My my, what a turnaround by New Zealand. They were buried at 67 for 5 in their first innings until Oram and McCullum dug them out and piled on a 120-partnership to lift them to 210. That was still below par on this Adelaide pitch, but nevertheless their bowlers managed to totally crush England, removing them for 120, with Vettori bowling magnificently to take 4 for 24 under the lights. For the second time at Adelaide this tour England have managed to give up a very promising position and this performance was, in the end, woeful. There will be lots of head shaking and question-asking in the English camp now, while New Zealand are now sitting pretty, having leapt above England in the table, snaffling the extra bonus point. Well played New Zealand - their bowling and fielding was top class. With six weeks to the World Cup, England must fearing an upset at the back of their minds right now...

Oram's man of the match, by the way, and jolly well played that was, too - a timely comeback for New Zealand.

"Is the upset you are referring to the one where England beat either Kenya or Canada?" writes Malc, naughtily.

And on that note it's time to say goodbye. Thanks for joining us today. Do tune in on Friday for Australia's match against England back at Adelaide.

Bond to Lewis, OUT, it's all over! A thick outside edge flies to first slip and that's taken, jugglingly if that's a word, by Fleming who's done very well in the slips tonight, backing up the rest of his fielders.

J Lewis c Fleming b Bond 5 (17m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 62.50

New Zealand have one hand on that bonus point now - just one wicket needed now, while England need a last-wicket stand of 48

Bond to Panesar, OUT, tries to bang in a bouncer, Panesar bunts that high in the air and that's a very fine catch indeed from Astle, dribbling backwards and taking that right over his head with two hands. Good stuff and now it's Bond's turn to bring up 100 ODI wickets

MS Panesar c Astle b Bond 6 (13m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Bond to Panesar, 2 runs, a decent drive through mid-on
Bond to Panesar, no run, ouch, Bond's bouncer clatters into Panesar's helmet, but he just takes it on the chin... well, literally the shoulder in fact
Bond to Panesar, no run, driven to cover and that's well dived on to cut off the single

37 | 6 Runs | ENG: 118/8 (93 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 3.18, RRR: 7.15)

  • J Lewis5 (7b)
  • MS Panesar4 (8b)
  • DL Vettori9-0-24-4
  • SE Bond9-1-30-0

New Zealand need to keep England to below 168 for the bonus point - shouldn't be too hard, but you never know while Monty's there!

Vettori to Lewis, no run, aimless swish to one outside off, completely misses
Vettori to Lewis, no run,
Vettori to Lewis, FOUR, aerial drive over midwicket

Sky flash up a points table. "Look at that table, a shambles," muses Andrew Miller. "Like my woodwork teacher used to say," says Martin... Oh dear

Vettori to Panesar, 1 run, tucked off the toes in front of point