Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Hopes is disconsolate, India love it, Ishant Sharma, injured for this match, runs on to join in the celebrations. So, India take the CB Series after winning the finals 2-0. Yet again Australia head into the finals on top of the table and lose 2-0, England - who had a woeful tournament - did that to them last year.

So, Gilchrist's last match couldn't end in success and Hogg, not picked for this game, has also ended his international career it has been confirmed, with Australia not progressing to Adelaide and a third final. Gilchrist is all smiles as he takes some hugs from his colleagues.

Harbhajan loves it, watch out for the pics on this website and in the papers tomorrow, grabbing a stump and celebrating hard and harder with pure joy in his eyes.

Praveen Kumar is the Man of the Match for his four wickets and he looks a bit embarrassed, all beams he has to be taken on to the stage by his captain, Dhoni, a touching moment. He takes the cheque and runs back off the stage, grinning, still embarrassed.

Nathan Bracken is a deserved Man of the Series, he's bowled really well throughout. "India played well, congratulations to them, they outplayed us."

Brad Hogg now comes up on to the stage. He gets a trophy for his contributions to cricket. On whether he wished he'd played today: "I've spent a few games as 12th man. It's a privilege to be here and represent Australia. I'd have loved to have been going to Adelaide, I might have got a game, that's the way it goes. I've loved every minute of it, it's been a childhood dream. I'm still pinching myself."

And now it's Adam Gilchrist to the stage. He gets a mysterious box instead of a trophy. "It's been going on a bit too long, all these thankyous, so I'll keep it short. Thanks to India, thanks to my family friends and the many, many fans around the world. To Ricky and the team, it's just been magic."

Ricky Ponting comes up to accept the replica stump for coming second. There are cheers and boos and it's all a little odd. "It is two years in a row now. All credit has to go to the Indian team, the way they've played over the last week and deserve to go home with the trophy.

"No excuses, we've lost three games in a row. Our level of cricket over the last week has dropped off. That's disappointing and we did the same thing last year, so we may have to have a look at the way we go about these things."

Here's Mahendra Singh Dhoni now and he too takes a stump for winning. "It's the toughest conditions out here. The way we improved our batting and backing each other was an important point. The way Sachin started the last few matches was at the right time. It's really good to have a team that's performing.

"It doesn't get better than this, beating the top side in the world."

The India team have now come on stage and are holding up a huge trophy above their heads, and blue and yellow confetti rains down.

Well, thanks very much for joining us throughout this series, it looks like India will be celebrating long into the night. Good night.

Pathan to Hopes, OUT, outside off and Hopes drives it up to Chawla at mid-on who takes the catch calmly and India win!

Ten from three balls needed, then

Pathan to Hopes, 2 runs, swinging yorker dug out to long-off and some good running there has them home

Good stuff from the young fielder who held his nerve. Australia will be relieved that Hopes will be on strike as they crossed

Pathan to Bracken, OUT, full delivery comes in slow on off, Bracken swipes it up to midwicket where a pedalling Chawla runs over and takes it over his head at the second grasp

Bracken to face, then

Pathan to Hopes, 1 run, a big drive, and an outside edge loops over wide to a very wide third man, around very deep backward point

Irfan to have the privilege. Australia need this, remember, to stay alive. Hopes pulls out as Irfan runs in, so he will have to charge up again

49 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 246/8 (13 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.02, RRR: 13.00)

  • JR Hopes60 (77b)
  • NW Bracken1 (1b)
  • S Sreesanth9-0-43-2
  • Harbhajan Singh10-0-44-1

Last over now, here's a huge task for the bowler. "It could be a field day for journalists tomorrow with this name Hopes, couldn't it," says Ebony Rainford-Brent

Sreesanth to Hopes, 1 run, full toss, driven out hard to mid-off to take the strike

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2ML HaydenAC Gilchrist
2nd6ML HaydenRT Ponting
3rd24ML HaydenMJ Clarke
4th89ML HaydenA Symonds
5th2A SymondsMEK Hussey
6th76MEK HusseyJR Hopes
7th29B LeeJR Hopes
8th10JR HopesMG Johnson
9th9NW BrackenJR Hopes
10th2SR ClarkJR Hopes