Player of the Match
Player of the Match

An exciting finish to a game that appeared to be one-sided when Sri Lanka were reduced to 144 for 6 in the chase. Kulasekara triggered the fightback in the company of Tharanga, the former the aggressor and Tharanga the anchor who was expected to stay on till the end. Prasad kept the fight on with Tharanga but Tharanga's wicket was the decisive blow, as he holed out trying to bring down the required rate further. Australia will be happy at the win but would be disappointed at the same time, not being able to shut out their opponents after having gained the upper hand quite early into the chase. They also faltered in the field, dropping catches and missing several run-out attempts. But, in the end, they held their nerve and won.

Brydon Coverdale's report is being updated. We'll get you the details from the presentation ceremony in a bit.

Jayawardene: "We've been playing some really good cricket, we fought till the end. It's a good attitude to have. It was an incredible partnership. Kula did very well, lots of positives for us to take from this. When Upul got out, that probably put us back a bit. If there was a batsman left till the end, who knows? They took the momentum up front, that's something we need to improve on. The guys are fighting for everything."

Clarke: "I'm pleased we won the game, but we've got some work to do tomorrow. They continue not to quit unfortunately, they are very well-skilled. But Warner and Wade were outstanding at the top. We got to the Adelaide Oval which will probably suit the Sri Lankans more than the Gabba. Watson saved us once again, we are glad to have him back in the team, this effort shows his class."

Warner is Man of the MAtch: "I needed some runs on the board, we set ourselves some targets there. Dave Huss missed out but he picked up four wickets. I was just a little worried about the cramps at the other end, I was getting some treatment. I couldn't move sideways so we're going to do a fitness test on the day of the game. It's good to get across the line, we are now 1-0 up."

That's all from us here folks, many thanks for tuning in and sending us your feedback. It was a riveting first final though it didn't appear so riveting when Sri Lanka were 144 for 6, but Tharanga and lower order gave us a final worth remembering. We move to Adelaide for the next final, on March 6. See you then. Goodbye.

Watson to Malinga, OUT, Another slower one, Malinga swings it high but not far enough and finds deep square leg where Michael Hussey judges it well, Australia win the first final. Struck that really high did Malinga, didn't get hold but he had no choice but to go for it. Clarke heaves a sigh of relief, his team was given a real scare

SL Malinga c MEK Hussey b Watson 1 (10m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

Watson to Malinga, no run, A slower legcutter that Malinga fails to connect, had a wild swing but couldn't get his bat to it

Malinga will be on strike for the first ball of the last over. 16 needed to win. Watson to bowl now. Third man and fine leg are up

49 | 4 Runs | SL: 306/9 (16 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.24, RRR: 16.00)

  • KTGD Prasad31 (21b)
  • SL Malinga1 (4b)
  • B Lee9-1-59-3
  • SR Watson9-0-33-2
Lee to Prasad, no run, another miss, pitched up outside off and Prasad had a wild swing at that one, wanted the bye but Malinga sent him back, rightly, a dot ball, the pressure grows on Sri Lanka
Lee to Malinga, 1 bye, superb yotker from Lee, Malinga could not bring his bat down in time and could only sneak a bye, Prasad stole the bye running at the danger end and Lee collected Wade's throw and aimed inaccurately at the non-striker's end
Lee to Prasad, 1 run, Prasad swings that straight to deep square leg, fullish on middle and he struck it well but found the fielder
Lee to Malinga, 1 run, full and he tries to smash that down the ground, ends up getting a thick outside edge towards third man, lands to him on the bounce, Pattinson didn't go for it

Prasad walks down the pitch and has a word with hus partner

Lee to Malinga, no run, swings at that one, just a fraction outside off but makes no contact, a dot ball for Australia
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Sri Lanka 2nd innings Partnerships

1st39DPMD JayawardeneTM Dilshan
2nd13TM DilshanKC Sangakkara
3rd41KC SangakkaraLD Chandimal
4th22KC SangakkaraHDRL Thirimanne
5th10WU TharangaHDRL Thirimanne
6th19WU TharangaMF Maharoof
7th104WU TharangaKMDN Kulasekara
8th37WU TharangaKTGD Prasad
9th16HMRKB HerathKTGD Prasad
10th5KTGD PrasadSL Malinga