Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    26.2 a great ball to end what was promising to become a great innings. Doherty slows up the release, gets the ball to land just short of a length outside off, grip and spin. So far, Mahela has been adept at reaching the pitch and lofting over the off side, or pushing through for singles. This time too he was looking to reach out, but was about a foot away from where the ball landed. It spun sharply, past him as he overbalanced and into Wade's gloves. Out stumped by a classy delivery. 153/3
    7.6 that's the end of Dilshan. Australia stick to the short-ball strategy for him, Dilshan takes on Hilfenhaus' bumper and pulls it in the air. He ends up timing it too well, straight to the man back at deep square leg. 55/1
    13.5 They should really consider renaming this series the Run-out and Leading edge series. Sanga has perished against the run of play, twinkling a leading edge straight to backward point. Christian's trundler angled across at no pace, and did nothing off the pitch. Sanga tried nudging to leg and turned the face too soon. Mistake. Should have really been playing it through the off side with the angle. 90/2
    44.2 Ryano has done the damage, Chandimal pays the price for playing strange strokes under pressure. He walks across the stumps to a straight ball and tries to dink it square. Harris kept it straight and full and rapped him dead in front of the stumps. End of a good innings, but Chandimal needs to learn how to finish the job. 243/5
    36.5 Gets across his stumps, gets cheeky and gets out. Powerplay does the damage. Sri Lanka were strolling home, but Thirimanne tries to make the Powerplay count, and perishes. He's lapped a length ball straight to short fine leg. Australia have a vital opening. 202/4
    48.3 Gone! Mathews has perished trying another big shot. He was trying to haul the length ball over the extra cover area, but the slower ball hoodwinked him into another miscue. It landed in long-off's hands as he came across. 267/7
    45.5 uh oh, Maharoof implodes. He gets inside the line of a short ball slipping into the body and plays a ginger uppish pull in the air. He almost got away with it too, but Harris managed to back-pedal quickly from about 20 yards in front of the ropes at 45 degrees and hold on to a well-judged catch. 250/6
    not out
    not out
    15 (b 1, lb 6, w 8)
    283/7 (49.2 Overs, RR: 5.73)
    Fall of wickets: 1-55 (TM Dilshan, 7.6 ov), 2-90 (KC Sangakkara, 13.5 ov), 3-153 (DPMD Jayawardene, 26.2 ov), 4-202 (HDRL Thirimanne, 36.5 ov), 5-243 (LD Chandimal, 44.2 ov), 6-250 (MF Maharoof, 45.5 ov), 7-267 (AD Mathews, 48.3 ov)
    B Lee9.206306.75256100
    BW Hilfenhaus10.005125.10303020
    RJ Harris6.004317.16145010
    DT Christian8.005336.62215110
    XJ Doherty10.013513.50331000
    MJ Clarke5.002705.4070000
    DJ Hussey1.00404.0030000

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