Match Day

3830dThe Bulletin by Ashok Ganguly

Ashraful and Raqibul set up easy win

Led by an unusually cautious century from Mohammad Ashraful, the second of his career, Bangladesh cruised to a 96-run win over UAE in their Asia Cup opener in Lahore

U.A.E. 2nd innings Partnerships

1st15Arshad AliAmjad Javed
2nd1IPP BatuwitarachchiArshad Ali
3rd32Arshad AliAmjad Ali
4th22Saqib AliArshad Ali
5th47Arshad AliKhurram Khan
6th17Khurram KhanV Shetty
7th47Khurram KhanMohammad Tauqir
8th17EHSN SilvaKhurram Khan
9th0Zahid ShahKhurram Khan
10th6Zahid ShahFahad Alhashmi