Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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  • Restrain the urges to hurl brickbats

    The figure 183 is very famous in Indian cricket; it is a number that makes the eyes of cricket fans sparkle and sends tingles down their spines, more than 18 years after it was notched up to become part and parcel of Indian cricket's greatest

  • Nail the real culprits

    Every time India loses a one-day final, the whole country tears the team to pieces, and theories are floated as to why our cricketers choke at the most important hour

  • The Indian failure at the final hurdle

    The Indian innings at Kingsmead resembled a pre-climax scene from abad B-movie, where the villain has a noose around the neck of theheroine standing on an ice block

  • Indians had no stomach for a fight

    Another abject surrender by India saw them slump to their ninthconsecutive one-day final loss at Kingsmead, Durban, on Friday

  • Sehwag looks impressive

    I was expecting a closely contested final at Durban on Friday but evenas the Indian innings drew to a sorry close, I knew that my hopes weregoing to be dashed