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Scorer: Sanjay Murari | Commentator: Vishal Dikshit

50 | 6 Runs | SL-W: 216/7 (17 runs required, RR: 4.32)

  • OU Ranasinghe9 (7b)
  • PM Weerakkody21 (17b)
  • DB Sharma10-3-46-1
  • H Kaur7-0-33-0

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Mithali Raj: In the middle overs we really pulled ourselves and the dot balls pushed them to score in the end. Overall, our spinners did quite well. Cricket has evolved over the years because now we need to have more allrounders, with bowlers who can bat in the slog overs and batsmen who can pick some wickets. I've always enjoyed batting and stepping up when it's required. I'm blessed to have the kind of openers and I can play probably a bit of my own game which I've had to hold up because of the kind of the responsibility I've had over the years.

Inoka Ranaweera: I'm disappointed with our performances today, we made a lot of mistakes. Sripali Weerakkody bowled really well today

That's all we have for you today, India winning their fourth, Sri Lanka losing their fourth even though there was not such a wide gap between the two performances today. Sri Lanka will be happy to see some runs coming from Dilani Manodara, who took them slightly close today. We'll bring you New Zealand versus West Indies tomorrow from Taunton, until then it's goodbye and good luck!

5.35pm Handshakes all around as India win by 16 runs, not a very convincing one, though. They were pretty sloppy with their field placements and the fielding display towards the end. Sri Lanka kept themselves almost alive right till the end but did not have many wickets in hand, otherwise 54 to get from last five overs was not that hard. Credit must go to Jhulan Goswami for her stifling opening spell and Poonam Yadav for her accurate legbreaks and wrong'uns, setting up the win

Deepti Sharma is the Player of the Match: The wicket was a bit slow when I batted so I adjusted accordingly by taking my time and it paid off. I tried to time my straight-bat shots properly instead of hitting them hard. I work hard in the gym so that's where I get my strength from. We usually run the first one hard, that's the thinking between me and Mithali, so running the second helps.

SandeepKamani: "India did extremely well of course to win the 4 matches. Now bigger challenge will be against stronger teams of Aus, SA and NZ. I am confident they will beat 'em all !!!" They will need a much better showing than today for that

Ram: "Phew...that one was close. Credit to Sri Lanka for a fighting chase. India's last two games a reality check. I am sure they will look into it and come stronger in the Semis."

Sharma to Ranasinghe, 1 run, charges down for the last ball, swings big and gets an edge to short third man, which means India win their fourth straight match
Sharma to PM Weerakkody, 3 runs, cuts outside off, it's gone to backward point and there's a misfield there to allow three runs
Sharma to PM Weerakkody, no run, goes across on off and sweeps but misses
Sharma to PM Weerakkody, no run, tries a reverse-sweep and only manages a faint edge and it bounces before the keeper
Sharma to Ranasinghe, 1 run, makes room early and then comes back to swat it from outside off to deep midwicket
Sharma to PM Weerakkody, 1 run, flighted nicely outside off, swept against the turn to square leg

23 from the last six, it will be bowled by Deepti Sharma. Fine leg and third man in the circle

SL Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st17MDN HansikaGWHM Perera
2nd40AC JayanganiMDN Hansika
3rd13HASD SiriwardeneMDN Hansika
4th60HASD SiriwardeneMADD Surangika
5th13MADD SurangikaKADA Kanchana
6th28SS WeerakkodyMADD Surangika
7th20MADD SurangikaPM Weerakkody
8th25OU RanasinghePM Weerakkody