Scorecard Summary




          END OF OVER:
          50 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | SA-W: 210/10

          • M Daniels7 (12b)
          • ML Schutt6-0-37-1
          • EA Perry10-0-47-2

          That's it from us then. Just to confirm, since England finished on top, the semi-finals line-ups are: England v South Africa on 18 July at Bristol and Australia v India on 20 July at Derby. thanks for tuning in today, it's goodbye for now from Annesha and Vishal. Ciao!

          Perry is the Player of the Match - Watching a little bit of Champions Trophy before coming here, there wasn't much swing. It's a lovely place to bat when we've come here in the past couple of years, with good wickets and quick outfield. We've got a good momentum in the last few matches even though we have few things to work on in the back end of the game. I would want to go on with my innings and keep my Strike rate up, finish off my overs as well. Our fielding was pretty good, we set a great base but couldn't finish it off that well in the end with the batting.

          Rachael Haynes: Happy with my 100% record. It was important to maintain momentum heading into the semi-final. We came back well with the ball and built pressure after what wasn't a great start while bowling. Then we built some scoreboard pressure. Like Ellyse said, while batting we couldn't finish off the innings because we were looking for 300 plus.

          Dane van Niekerk: Don't think [losing] was bad luck. There were couple of lapses in the field and we were letting the ball through. The way we pulled it back, they were looking for 300 plus and we thought 270 was gettable. I don't talk about the fielding lapses in the innings break, don't want to affect the batters and it was not the performance we wanted today.

          4.55pm South Africa did give Australia a scare by first limiting them to 269 and then getting off to a solid start, thanks to Wolvaardt but Australia are too strong. They built the pressure on Wolvaardt and then stifled the middle and lower order with accurate bowling from the spinners and Perry. Not to forget, the double strike from Haynes that started the stutter. Their sixth win from seven matches

          Schutt to Ismail, OUT, it's all over with the 10th wicket on the last ball. Ismail made some room yet again and tried to clear mid off but only handed a straightforward catch to the fielder
          Schutt to Ismail, no run
          Schutt to Daniels, 1 leg bye
          Schutt to Ismail, 1 run, slow yorker on the off stump, she backs away and drills it through the covers
          Schutt to Ismail, no run, angled in from length, Ismail makes room and then decides to defend it back
          Schutt to Daniels, 1 run