Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    26.4 another wicket falls off a pre-meditated sweep. She looks to sweep and was playing for the turn. The ball doesn't and she is struck on the pad. Did it pitch outside leg? Only replays will tell us that 96/4
    11.1 well, she gets a wicket of the first legal ball!. Outside the off stump and Priest cuts it to backward point. Jonnasen takes the catch 35/1
    22.1 outside the off stump and turned a touch. She wasn't playing for the turn and is beaten. She looks to flick it and misses. The ball hits her on the pas in line with middle and off. Plumb in front! 85/2
    22.3 she is looking to sweep even before the ball is delivered. The bowler is smart enough to drag back the length of the ball. Martin is fixated on the sweep shot, she wants to play it off a short ball and gets a top edge back to the keeper. That's poor batting 85/3
    31.4 on the off stump. She was looking to force it away to the leg side. She misses and is struck on the pad. That's plumb in front. Devine was struggling and White Ferns will need a miracle to put up a competitive score on the board 120/5
    46.1 and Perkins wants a couple to retain the strike off a glance to fine-leg. She is short of the crease and has her hands up immediately as Perry was on her way and she had to run around her twice. Not Perry's fault and Perkins also has her reasons to be miffed, but let that not take away from an accurate throw by Schutt to Healy 196/7
    37 short and wide outside the off stump. She looks to drive it and gets a faint outside edge that's snaffled up by Healy. New Zealand slip further 147/6
    49.2 she is looking to advance down the track and go inside-out. She misses but Healy doesn't as she whips the bails off in a flash 216/8
    not out
    49.5 she looks to scoop it and gets a top edge that Wellington takes easily at short third-man 218/9
    not out
    25 (b 5, lb 5, w 15)
    219/9 (50 Overs, RR: 4.38)
    Fall of wickets: 1-35 (RH Priest, 11.1 ov), 2-85 (AE Satterthwaite, 22.1 ov), 3-85 (KJ Martin, 22.3 ov), 4-96 (SW Bates, 26.4 ov), 5-120 (SFM Devine, 31.4 ov), 6-147 (AM Peterson, 36.6 ov), 7-196 (KT Perkins, 46.1 ov), 8-216 (EM Bermingham, 49.2 ov), 9-218 (AC Kerr, 49.5 ov)
    EA Perry1015805.8030
    M Schutt1034034.0040
    JL Jonassen1003333.3010
    A Wellington1004614.6030
    A Gardner1003213.2000

AUS Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st49NE BoltonBL Mooney
2nd23MM LanningBL Mooney
3rd71EA PerryMM Lanning
4th0EJ VillaniEA Perry
5th76AJ BlackwellEA Perry
6th1AJ BlackwellAJ Healy