Player of the Match
Player of the Match

I am still spellbound with what I have just seen and will take a while to take a recover. Time to move over to the next game.. a dull contest between some happy neighbours .. this is Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao

Peter Borren: "We didn't have much to lose and we were not happy with our bowling. The Irish boys pretty well to score 190. We had plenty of guys who could hit well, and it all came off today. The boys are really happy. Sad for Ireland, who played very well for 2.5 games. I got out there and had a little bit of go, but it was Myburgh who set the scene. I am not really sure if I have seen cleaner hitting. 2009 we beat England and that was a pretty special night. But I told the boys 2009 was five years ago and it was time to create a new memory. I will go back and sing the team song with the rest."

"Scoring 190, we were pretty confident," says William Porterfield. "But it was pretty clean striking. Nothing we could do. We thought if they went for it, it would create chances for us, but everything went over. We didn't bowl the right lengths and made mistakes in the field. But there is nothing you could do."

No surprises as Stephan Myburgh is the Man of the Match. He says, "It looked calm (hitting), but it wasn't very calm. Today, the strategy was to keep my head still and look to hit everything out. We had to play well in the Powerplay over. The skipper played very well. The pitch was really good too."

Madness. Exhilarating. Magical. What can I say.. This has been a wonderful wonderful game! Netherlands have crossed the line in an unbelievable 13.5 overs. Yes. 13.5 overs.. That's 193 runs at 15.40! Myburgh. Tom Cooper.. What where these guys on is beyond me! I haven't seen hitting like this ever.. It's like watching a Gayle from each end. And when one Gayle gets out.. Another Gayle comes in...Forget Gayle. Ireland have been MYBURGHED and COOPERED. What super hitting!

Kamran: "And to think that the Dutch batting was in ALL sorts of mess coming in to this tournament. How big a role has Tom Cooper played in all this!! Remarkable beyond comprehension!"

Max: "Man I have been an Australian cricket tragic for 48 years and I have NEVER seen anything like that Just unbelievable"

Paul: "Unbelievable! Can't they carry on playing to see what score they will get in the full 20? I'm sure records would have been smashed."

Vrij: "Going Dutch gets a whole new meaning !"

Ayush: "This is, quite simply, breathtaking. Should be the T20 equivalent of the 438 game, perhaps?"

Ayon: "Everyone was busy calculating the equation about which team will through. Zim or Ireland! Who have thought about Netherland! wat a match!"

oscar: "Always tough for my dear boys, Sorry Zimbabwe, But hey Netherlands this is worthy for history"

Hiren Faria: "163 runs came from 6 and 4. only 31 runs score by running what a match"

Gaurav Singh: "Where are you Neil ? Quote >> "A very unproductive 4 hours of work coming up. Really hoping the boys in green continue their good form," same here Neil."

Neil: "Gaurav, I am shell shocked, will have 8 hours being unproductive now! Mindblowing stuff by the Dutch though."


Murtagh to Barresi, SIX runs, Massive massive! Netherlands have smashed their way to the next round.. In one swipe, the batsman sends two teams back.. Over deep midwicket

3 off 4

Murtagh to Barresi, FOUR runs, fulll toss, clobbered through extra cover for a boundary.. They are almost there.. Netherlands have set the scene on fire..
Murtagh to Barresi, no run, a very good yorker again, he can only dig it out to the bowler

7 Off 6

Murtagh to Barresi, SIX runs, he moves leg side and slams this short of length delivery with a powerful down the line winner.. Straight straight straight.. to the sight screeen
Murtagh to Barresi, no run, a very good short delivery, he chases the batsman as he creates room and manages to get it shoulder high as well.. No contact on that one

13 | 13 Runs | NL: 177/4 (13 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 13.61, RRR: 1.85)

  • BN Cooper9 (5b)
  • W Barresi24 (17b)
  • KJ O'Brien3-0-29-2
  • TJ Murtagh3-0-31-1

"I remember someone saying that But this is not what Netherlands were signing up for! That is too many runs. 190 is a tough enough total to chase in 20 overs, and Netherlands have to do it in 14.2 overs" --- Arpit, I am struggling to digest my own words..

O'Brien to Cooper, SIX runs, make it 28! Ben gets a length delivery that he murders over deep midwicket.. that has well cleared the boundary. into the stands

27 sixes till now in this match.. another T20 record

O'Brien to Barresi, 1 run, another swing of the bat, an inside edge takes it to short fine leg
O'Brien to Barresi, FOUR runs, yes, they won't mind this.. If they are not coming in front, the edges will also do the job.. This one is a faint nick and slides down to the third man boundary

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