Match abandoned without a ball bowled


2.30 pm Play has been called off. Umpires just confirmed the bad news. So that's that. Do join us tomorrow for the second day of the second Test between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

2.01pm local time: Pitch inspection is on. Prior to that, there were a few random showers. Rain has stopped now.

1.05 pm local time The rain has stopped for the time being and the area around the pitch is being dried with blowers. The super sopper's in action over the covers while the PA's blasting bhangra tunes (much to the annoyance of Pakistani fans who sit idle in the stand while Indian counterparts have a blast).

The inspection is still at 2.00pm. The teams are back at the hotel for the time being. The delay is now due to a wet outfield, not rain.

12.30 pm local time It's raining again. Faras Ghani, our man at the ground, reports that the players have gone back to the hotel. They still have not called off the game. So hang in there.

10.33 am Update: Rain has stopped. Super-sopper is doing its work. But its really wet and damp out there. It's going to be really tough work for the groundstaff. Prince Charles just visited the Indian dressing room and now is on his way to the Pakistan camp.

Rain Bad news. It's raining out there. Inspection will be held at 2.00 pm local time. Nothing to do but wait. It's going to be one of those days.