That brings an end to our coverage of this match. Many miles away, in Pallekele, India have lost Wriddhiman Saha early on the second day. Do switch tabs to follow our coverage of the third and final Test between Sri Lanka and India. From Sreshth and myself, it's goodbye!

"Not nervous at all. Kevon Cooper batted at No. 9 and he's a very decent player," says Dwayne Bravo. "I think the bowlers put us in the game. I said to my guys this is the moment where the game really begins and Shadab Khan and Sunil Narine in those eight overs really changed the game. The Universe Boss versus the Champion is going to be a showdown. I'm going to wait for him to come to my hometown and we and our fans will deal with him."

"I though 160 on this wicket would have given us a better chance", says Kieron Pollard. "We have to work on the catching. I just think the guys need to take a good look at themselves. Four games and eight catches going down is not acceptable. Fielding is an attitude and a mindset. Somethings, you just can't control. There are teams that are worse off than us, but we have a couple of days off. Hopefully, we can do some introspection and come back and do well."

Sunil Narine is the Man of the Match. "I'm enjoying my batting at the moment," he says. "I wouldn't say it's better than the IPL, but the crowd support is brilliant. I want to go from strength to strength."

12.57am That chase was all about one man, and yet, it ended up being so much more than that. It shouldn't have been this close. Knight Riders came so very close to committing hara-kiri but one moment of calm, clear thinking sealed it for them. It's all they needed for most of the fag end of the chase with less than a run a ball needed. But they paid the price for attempting million-dollar strokes through some late wickets. Tridents have only themselves to blame. Brilliant as Narine's innings was, he gave the Tridents enough and more chances only to be let off at least twice. The dew has seriously high, so you could feel sorry for Tridents, but teams rarely get away with letting simple opportunities slip away. Narine's career-best T20 score makes it four wins in five for Knight Riders and they remain on top of the table.

Best to Cooper, FOUR, Cooper finishes it off with a calm drive through the covers. Fuller ball outside off, just strides forward and crisply places it through the region

19 | 6 Runs 2 Wkts | TKR: 151/8 (2 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.94, RRR: 2.00)

  • KK Cooper1 (1b)
  • SK Springer4-0-32-3
  • WD Parnell4-0-26-2
Springer to Scantlebury-Searles, OUT, and there goes another one. Harmless full toss and Scantlebury-Searles heaves it. But off all the spaces in the leg side field he could have played that through, he has played that straight into the hands of straightish midwicket. Catching practice for the fielder

JPR Scantlebury-Searles c Parnell b Springer 9 (6b 2x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

Springer to Cooper, 1 run, goes for a yorker and ends up bowling a full toss that is quietly pushed to long-on
Springer to Scantlebury-Searles, 1 run, slower short of a length ball, off-cutter, tries to pull and under-edges it to the pad, they take the single as the ball rolls away into the off side
Springer to Scantlebury-Searles, no run, full toss, tries to whip but the ball curves into him to ping the pad. Bowler appeals but that was heading down leg
Springer to Scantlebury-Searles, FOUR, they go for the big shots nonetheless, but this one's nicely played. Has to fetch it from outside off but the length is full and he heaves it off the middle through midwicket where the boundary is unprotected
Springer to Narine, OUT, what is going on here? Narine this time has perished trying to play an overambitious shot. Eight off 12 needed and you have to wonder what the need was to do that. Full toss outside off and Narine slashes too hard at it, misses the timing and extra cover runs to his right to take it

SP Narine c Parnell b Springer 79 (45b 6x4 5x6) SR: 175.55

18 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | TKR: 145/6 (8 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.05, RRR: 4.00)

  • JPR Scantlebury-Searles4 (2b)
  • SP Narine79 (44b)
  • WD Parnell4-0-26-2
  • SK Springer3-0-26-1
Parnell to Scantlebury-Searles, no run, fuller ball, steps across to drive and the ball goes to the left of the bowler off the inside part of the bat
Parnell to Scantlebury-Searles, FOUR, shot. Good shot under pressure. Sees the short ball coming into him and pulls. Does not try to hit it too hard or anything, just times it well through midwicket. Controlled shot. This is what Knight Riders need from their batsmen
Parnell to Shadab Khan, OUT, needlessly steps down the track and Parnell drags the length back. Ends up coming on to him at an awkward height and he tries to awkwardly tries to pull, gets a bottom edge to the stumps. Knight Riders are needlessly making this harder for themselves

Shadab Khan b Parnell 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Parnell to Shadab Khan, no run, short of good length, fired from wide of the crease and angled in sharply, bunted with a straight bat
Parnell to Shadab Khan, no run, slower full ball, comes forward nicely to meet the pitch and punches crisply but straight to covers
Parnell to Narine, 1 run, short and wide, slapped off the backfoot over point, sweeper cover runs to his right and fields

17 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | TKR: 140/5 (13 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.23, RRR: 4.33)

  • Shadab Khan0 (1b)
  • SP Narine78 (43b)
  • SK Springer3-0-26-1
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-30-1
Springer to Shadab Khan, no run, length ball outside off, comes forward and defends with an open bat face to point
Springer to Shadab Khan, 1 wide, short of good length, drifting down the leg side

Shadab Khan walks out

Springer to DJ Bravo, OUT, takes out the off-stump. Bravo plays across the line and pays the price. Was pretty needless, really, given the equation.Length ball, cuts back in sharply off the seam and beats the closing face of the bat to take out the top of off

DJ Bravo b Springer 18 (20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 90.00

Springer to Narine, 1 run, straighter line from the bowler, punched down to long-on for a single
Springer to Narine, FOUR, shot! That is thumped. Brute force from Narine. And it deserved every bit of harsh treatment. Full, wide, outside off, giving him all the room to free his arms, and Narine carves it over extra cover
Springer to DJ Bravo, 1 run, fuller outside off, driven out to sweeper cover

Karimuddin : "Even with the DEW this sloppiness in the fielding is unacceptable " Of course.

Springer to Narine, 1 run, very full outside off, drilled straight down the ground

Knight Riders need 21 off 24. Should be straightforward from here.

16 | 4 Runs | TKR: 132/4 (21 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 8.25, RRR: 5.25)

  • DJ Bravo17 (18b)
  • SP Narine72 (40b)
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-30-1
  • WD Parnell3-0-21-1
Wahab Riaz to DJ Bravo, 2 runs, length ball, angling in on off, backs away and shovels it over the in-field, wide of point. They push back for the second

T&T Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4BB McCullumSP Narine
2nd24SP NarineC Munro
3rd47SP NarineDM Bravo
4th1D RamdinSP Narine
5th63DJ BravoSP Narine
6th2SP NarineShadab Khan
7th4JPR Scantlebury-SearlesSP Narine
8th6JPR Scantlebury-SearlesKK Cooper
9th4KK CooperK Pierre