Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 9 Runs 3 Wkts | ZIM: 135/8 (1 run required, RR: 6.75)

  • T Mupariwa3 (1b)
  • HS Baidwan4-0-27-3

Players walk off, Canada manages to stop the double there

They should have won, Dean Abzal the culprit on the boundary gets a pat on the back

Sri Lankans have come on the field, warming up

And we will have a bowl out

Teams are giving the names of the players who will feature in the bowl out

Canada will bowl 1st in bowl-off Rizwan Cheema to bowl 1st Canada 1, Zimbabwe 0 Prosper Utesya for Zimbabwe Canada 1, Zimbabwe 1 HS Baidwan is next and misses CJ Chibhabha is next and hits Canada 1, Zimbabwe 2 S Dhaniram is next and misses T Taibu is next and hits Canada 1, Zimbabwe 3 AM Samad is next and that's a no ball, Zimbabwe have won Bowl-off result - Canada 1, Zimbabwe 3

Baidwan to Utseya, 1 leg bye, OUT, good fielding at the boundary and it is a tie

Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1H MasakadzaC Zhuwao
2nd33H MasakadzaCJ Chibhabha
3rd0T TaibuCJ Chibhabha
4th17T TaibuS Matsikenyeri
5th10T TaibuKM Dabengwa
6th53T TaibuE Chigumbura
7th12T TaibuT Maruma
8th0T TaibuT Mupariwa
9th9T MupariwaP Utseya
  • Zimbabwe win bowl-out after tie

    Zimbabwe earned a win they barely deserved, claiming a 3-1 victory in a bowl-out, after scrambling to a tie against Canada as the second day of T20 Canada tournament at King City produced a thrilling game