2.5 great catch from Paine! Ball cuts back and Quiney attempts a back foot drive, an inside edge flies to Paine's right and he moves quickly and takes a one handed catch low down 18/1
    18.3 Rogers run out from a direct hit from Anderson at short fine leg after Hodge swept fine, could be an important moment in this chase 99/2
    41.1 big wicket! Hodge hits aerially into the covers and Dighton makes amends for his drop chance in the previous over. The Bushrangers really didn't need that! 234/6
    18.5 huge wicket! Hussey cuts hard, the ball bounces more than he expected and he top edges it all the way to third man and Bailey takes a good running catch 104/3
    22.1 tries to go over the top, mis-times it to mid on who takes a simple catch, never really got going McDonald, the Bushrangers succumbing to some tight Tigers bowling here 114/4
    30.4 cut hard to point, good diving catch b Birt close to the ground 157/5
    46.4 uses his feet again, plays and misses, Paine does the rest with the gloves and Victoria look to be gone here! Crosthwaite was the key man 261/8
    43.3 short ball, mis-timed pull shot, goes into the off side aerially and Dighton takes an easy catch at cover. The Bushrangers are making this tough task even tougher! 242/7
    47 tries to slog it over mid wicket and a bottom edge carries through at head height to Paine who grabs another dismissal. Allover here bar the singing 262/9
    48.2 steps away to leg and tries to swing it over the leg side but Drew yorks him to end the game! 267/10
    not out
    16 (lb 1, w 15)
    267 all out (48.2 Overs, RR: 5.52)
    Fall of wickets: 1-18 (RJ Quiney, 2.5 ov), 2-99 (CJL Rogers, 18.3 ov), 3-104 (DJ Hussey, 18.5 ov), 4-114 (AB McDonald, 22.1 ov), 5-157 (AC Blizzard, 30.4 ov), 6-234 (BJ Hodge, 41.1 ov), 7-242 (DG Wright, 43.3 ov), 8-261 (AJ Crosthwaite, 46.4 ov), 9-262 (CJ McKay, 46.6 ov), 10-267 (SM Harwood, 48.2 ov)
    B Geeves10.006436.4030
    BW Hilfenhaus9.014004.4420
    XJ Doherty7.002804.0010
    BG Drew7.205227.0910
    MA Divin10.005645.6030
    DJ Marsh5.002605.2000

Match Notes