Match Notes

NSW 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1DLR SmithTD Cruickshank
2nd7SPD SmithTD Cruickshank
3rd3SM KatichSPD Smith
4th21BJ RohrerSPD Smith
5th48MC HenriquesSPD Smith
6th28PM NevillMC Henriques
7th8SNJ O'KeefeMC Henriques
8th8SNJ O'KeefeJK Lalor
9th42JK LalorMA Starc
10th5JR HazlewoodMA Starc
  • Bulls caravan rolls on over Blues

    Queensland's bowlers defended a mediocre total grandly to shut out New South Wales and maintain the Bulls' unbeaten start to the summer in the domestic limited overs match in Brisbane