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A great effort fro the Bulls, coming across the WACA and winning to ensure a spot in the preliminary final A great partnership between Carseldine and Reardon set the win up before Rimmington destroyed any chance the Warriors had with a devastating opening spell of 3 for 14 So, in the wash up, the equation looks like this - if Vic beat NSW, it will be a Qld v SA prelim final with Vic to host the final Should NSW win, NSW will host the final and Qld will play Vic in the Preliminary final. Plenty to play for in Sydney on Saturday night, please join me again then for the big match between Victoria and New South Wales. Lee Carseldine picks up Man of the Match honours after a brilliant 74 from just 45 balls. He'll play a huge part in the Preliminary Final with the form he is in. Could end up being a shoot out in the final between he and Warner...what a show that would b Thanks for your company tonight, please do join me again on Saturday night for the final minor round KFC Twenty20 Big Bash clash between the Blues and the Bushrangers. Good night

Reardon to Edmondson, OUT, good yorker and Reardon gets through the relatively weak defenses of Edmondson...all over

BM Edmondson b Reardon 2 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Reardon to Coetzee, 1 run, yorker dug out to third man
Reardon to Coetzee, SIX runs, big hit over mid wicket, clean hit, not sure why he came in at 8?
Reardon to Edmondson, 1 run,
Reardon to Edmondson, no run,

17 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | WA: 119/9 (71 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.00, RRR: 23.66)

  • BM Edmondson1 (1b)
  • JP Coetzee16 (13b)
  • B Laughlin3-0-14-1
Laughlin to Edmondson, 1 run, guided down to third man

West Aust 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20CJ SimmonsLM Davis
2nd21CJ SimmonsTP Doropoulos
3rd0AC VogesTP Doropoulos
4th9MJ NorthTP Doropoulos
5th31MJ NorthL Ronchi
6th4MJ NorthUmar Gul
7th3MJ NorthJP Coetzee
8th18AK HealJP Coetzee
9th11JP CoetzeeBR Dorey
10th10BM EdmondsonJP Coetzee