85dThe Bulletin by Alex Malcolm

Spinners help Redbacks reclaim top spot

The South Australia Redbacks' spinners strangled the Queensland Bulls to reclaim top spot on the Big Bash table with a 10-run win at the Adelaide Oval

Match Centre

20 | 13 Runs | QLD: 149/9 (11 runs required, RR: 7.45)

  • NJ Rimmington3 (2b)
  • BCJ Cutting23 (13b)
  • DT Christian4-0-31-0

The Redbacks hold on and win by 10 runs to go back to the top of the table. The slower bowlers of SA getting the job done strangling to Bulls. The three spinners took two wickets each. A lot of Bulls made starts in the middle order but no one went on . The Redbacks now take on Tasmania in a top of the table clash on Monday at Bellerive. The Bulls need to win at least two of their last three matches if not all three to make the finals. Dan Christian is Man-of-the-Match for his 41 off 25 balls. Thanks for your company tonight. Thanks to Sajan Nair for his support. This is Alex Malcolm saying so long from Adelaide.

Christian to Rimmington, 2 runs, sliced high over cover for two
Christian to Cutting, 1 run, driven hard to deep cover for one

The Redbacks are home

Christian to Rimmington, 1 run, yorker steered away behind point for one
Christian to Cutting, 1 run, yorker length driven to deep cover for just one

16 off 4 balls. Surely not Christian goes around the wicket

Christian to Cutting, SIX runs, length slower ball, Cutting swings it magnificently high over long on into the stands! Wow.
Christian to Cutting, 2 runs, crunched straight of long on and they scamper back for two

Queensland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26CP SimpsonMJ Lumb
2nd5JR HopesCP Simpson
3rd2LA CarseldineJR Hopes
4th34LA CarseldineCA Philipson
5th1LA CarseldineNJ Reardon
6th33NJ ReardonBR Dunk
7th5MG NeserBR Dunk
8th6BK IpsonMG Neser
9th24BK IpsonBCJ Cutting
10th13NJ RimmingtonBCJ Cutting