Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    6.3 funny old shot by Masakadza, he gets his front pad across the stumps, bends his knee and tries to slog him across the line but the ball cuts back in and hits him in line with the stumps, Doctrove raises the finger 16/2
    4.6 he adjusts his line to the offstump and gets an immediate reward, the ball cuts back in off a good length and goes through the gate between bat and pad and crashes on to the middle and offstumps, Sibanda goes for the off drive but fails to cover the line 15/1
    18.2 terrible shot really, he commits to the front foot and tries to slog him across the line very early, the ball shoots through and hits the middle and leg stumps 53/5
    10.4 timber! Kulasekara gets another one to cut back in sharply off the pitch, Taibu stays rooted to the crease, fails to cover the line, gets a thick inside edge and looks back to see his leg stump flattened 27/3
    16.4 gets forward and pushes it back to the bowler 47/4
    21.2 Jayawardene hangs on to it brilliantly, he pokes out and edges a delivery whuch seams away, Jayawardene stations himself at wide first slip and he flings himself to his right and pulls it off one-handed 70/6
    23.1 'It was that easy guys' -that's what Jayawardene appears to gesture to the fielders as he takes an easy catch at first slip, Murali delivers from over the wicket and Dabengwa tamely fishes at it and fails to cover the turn 73/7
    27.5 comes round the wicket and delivers the doosra, the turn beats the outside edge and he lunges forward but fails to drag his foot back in time, Sangakkara is sharp enough to whip off the bails in a flash 80/9
    24.6 and Mendis is the fastest to 50 wickets in ODIs! Price gives him the charge but is beaten all ends up to a delivery which is pitched a fraction short and straightens, Sangakkara effects one of the easiest stumpings 78/8
    28.2 it's all over, Mupariwa gets on his knee early to slog him away but he fails to get the desired elevation and finds Tharanga at deep midwicket, easy take and Zimbabwe are bowled out for less than 100 for the 4th time against Sri Lanka 80/10
    not out
    16 (b 4, lb 6, w 6)
    80 all out (28.2 Overs, RR: 2.82)
    Fall of wickets: 1-15 (V Sibanda, 4.6 ov), 2-16 (H Masakadza, 6.3 ov), 3-27 (T Taibu, 10.4 ov), 4-47 (SC Williams, 16.3 ov), 5-53 (S Matsikenyeri, 18.2 ov), 6-70 (P Utseya, 21.2 ov), 7-73 (KM Dabengwa, 23.1 ov), 8-78 (RW Price, 24.6 ov), 9-80 (E Chigumbura, 27.5 ov), 10-80 (T Mupariwa, 28.2 ov)
    KMDN Kulasekara7.021331.85331000
    T Thushara7.011912.71312010
    AD Mathews6.001913.16232000
    BAW Mendis5.201532.81261030
    M Muralitharan3.01421.33150000

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