That's the end of the first triple-header day at the Women's World T20. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow.

"I think a lot of them might be having a heart attack at the halfway stage. Not the best of batting performance. But it's good that we came out in the second part and we finished the game," Stafanie Taylor says. "I think the batting, the shot selection wasn't good. And I have to give it to the Bangladesh team, they bowled excellent. They got early wickets and I think that for me, going out there, I tried not to think about myself, tried to get a competitive total on the board. At a point, I was talking to my partner saying we need to get 110, 115, try to milk it and hopefully we can go big in the end overs. There was no doubt in my bowling attack. I'm pretty confident in that area. My bowlers could come out and defend any runs. You see how Deandra Dottin, she's just excellent, getting five wickets, she was trying for the sixth one, didn't work out. We want to improve our batting. I know what we can do. We can hit boundaries at any time but just at the top, we need to rotate the strike a bit more"

"I like to bowl first. We bowled well. Today the batsmen weren't good that's why we lost it," Salma Khatun says. "West Indies team is good. With a target of 106, we should have chased it. The batting was not good. We need to improve it. Next match, I think we'll be better. Good bowling partnership and fielding as well. Everybody was good. But if we had batted better, we could have won the match. Jahanara was good. Everyone was good. I think bowling is very nice"

Dottin is the Player of the Match: Of course I was confident. Even before the first hour finished, no matter what total we put up on the board ,we are strong enough to defend it. That's the good thing with being an allrounder, if you don't pick up with the bat, you pick up with the ball. The low total that we hard, I knew that I had to bowl wicket to wicket. No there werent' any concerns. We know the batters we have in the dug out. We knew we could get a good total. Of course we were placed with the crowd and we would like them to continue supporting us. Hopefully we can go all the way to the end

10.45 pm West Indies managed only 106. But they've won by 60 runs. That is insane. It's the result of some poor batting by Bangladesh. They looked outmatched the moment Deandra Dottin started cranking the speed gun towards 115 kph. Took four wickets in her first 12 balls and finishes with 5 for 6 - the best figures for West Indies in women's T20Is and also in all Women's World T20s. Bangladesh meanwhile record the lowest total in a World T20 game, after having impressed with the ball and in the field.

Dottin to Fahima Khatun, OUT, looks for the yorker, becomes a full toss, hit down the ground, the batsman wants a single, the non-striker doesn't, and the most farcical run out ends a farcical innings. Bangladesh all out for the lowest score in the Women's T20

Khadija Tul Kubra run out (McLean/†Kycia A Knight) 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Dottin to Khadija Tul Kubra, 1 run, short ball on middle, she pulls it down to long leg
Dottin to Khadija Tul Kubra, no run, yorker, only a shade outside off, misses it altogether
Dottin to Salma Khatun, OUT, there's the five-for and the best figures by a West Indian in women's T20Is. Just pitches it up and trusts her pace to do the trick. Salma plays around the ball, feet not moving. Middle stump takes a hit and Dottin goes off on a jig with Cooper.

Salma Khatun b Dottin 5 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

14 | 3 Runs | BD-W: 45/8 (62 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 3.21, RRR: 10.33)

  • Salma Khatun5 (8b)
  • Fahima Khatun3 (8b)
  • Afy Fletcher3-0-12-1
  • Deandra Dottin3-1-4-4
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, 1 run, fullish on off stump, she blocks to point, there's hesitation between the two players, finally they go for the single and had there been a direct hit - Dottin is the fielder running in from point - Salma would have been gone.
Fletcher to Fahima Khatun, 1 run, sweeps a tossed up delivery outside off to deep square leg
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, 1 run, nudges a full delivery on leg stump to long-on
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, no run, loops it up outside off, the batsman sets up for a cover drive, and then lets it go, surprising the keeper who fumbles the take
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, no run, waits on the good length ball outside off and dabs it to point
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, no run, tosses it up on middle, blocks it

13 | 1 Run | BD-W: 42/8 (65 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 3.23, RRR: 9.28)

  • Fahima Khatun2 (7b)
  • Salma Khatun3 (3b)
  • Deandra Dottin3-1-4-4
  • Afy Fletcher2-0-9-1
Dottin to Fahima Khatun, no run, attempts a late cut, but the back of a length ball zips through to the keeper. Dottin has one more over left for her five-for
Dottin to Fahima Khatun, no run, full and outside off, she goes for the drive but can't get bat to ball
Dottin to Fahima Khatun, no run, nowhere near the ball as it hits the deck outside off and straightens off the pitch. Too quick.
Dottin to Fahima Khatun, no run, full and outside off, she drives to cover
Dottin to Fahima Khatun, no run, good length, outside off, she tries a late cut, but doesn't get anything on it
Dottin to Salma Khatun, 1 run, opens the face as she runs a short ball outside off to deep third

12 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | BD-W: 41/8 (66 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 3.41, RRR: 8.25)

  • Salma Khatun2 (2b)
  • Fahima Khatun2 (2b)
  • Afy Fletcher2-0-9-1
  • Deandra Dottin2-1-3-4
Fletcher to Salma Khatun, 1 run, full toss outside off, knocks it to long-on

Bdesh Wmn 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6Ayasha RahmanShamima Sultana
2nd5Ayasha RahmanJahanara Alam
3rd8Ayasha RahmanFargana Hoque
4th10Fargana HoqueNigar Sultana
5th0Rumana AhmedNigar Sultana
6th6Rumana AhmedSanjida Islam
7th0Lata MondalSanjida Islam
8th2Sanjida IslamFahima Khatun
9th8Salma KhatunFahima Khatun
10th1Khadija Tul KubraFahima Khatun