20 | 6 Runs | WI-W: 124/8 (57 runs required, RR: 6.20)

  • SA Campbelle9 (9b)
  • A Mohammed4 (7b)
  • SW Bates1-0-6-0
  • SFM Devine3-0-12-0

Thoroughly professional performance from New Zealand there. The West Indies chase started brightly as Stafanie Taylor got off to flier, but wickets kept falling around her and when she was runout by McGlashan, the game was up for the home side.

Merissa Aguilleira says she's proud of her team for getting this far but concedes that 180 was a touch too much to chase. She thanks the crowds, who have been excellent all tournament, for all their support.

Aimee Watkins thinks McGlashan's innings proved the difference and says that West Indies had a good tournament. After losing in the final last time round, Watkins says she hopes to go one better on Sunday.

Well, it's all set up for Sunday then. Twenty20 finals day and it should be a cracker. In the meantime, Peter English has a bulletin to summarise all the action from this match, and there is even a gallery for a photo recollection of the events. That's all from us, I hope you'll join us on Sunday.

Bates to Campbelle, 1 run, well that's it, all over for West Indies. Campbelle collects a single to finish, but this game was over a long time ago. The players shake hands and New Zealand set up a final against local rivals Australia in Barbados on Sunday
Bates to Mohammed, 1 run, gets one here, and the game is almost up, worked down the ground for a gentle single
Bates to Mohammed, no run, back of a length this time, Mohammed trying to force it away into the off side but can't pierce the field
Bates to Mohammed, 1 wide, Bates gets her line slightly wrong here, arrowed too far down the leg side

WI Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st23PY LavineSR Taylor
2nd41CP JackSR Taylor
3rd7DJS DottinSR Taylor
4th5DJS DottinSF Daley
5th18SF DaleyB Cooper
6th6SACA KingSF Daley
7th4MR AguilleiraSF Daley
8th10SF DaleySA Campbelle
9th10A MohammedSA Campbelle